Thursday 19 December 2019

Silver: What You Don't Know

Silver is a chemical element. It's has an atomic number of 47. Silver is a soft white metal that exhibits conductivity and reflectivity. In ts natural state, it's mined just like other precious metals like gold, platinum etc.

The physical properties of Silver makes it suitable for a varieties of uses amongst which is jewelry making which is the focus of this post. This is used in many jewelries today. In its pure form it's known as Fine Silver (99.9%). It's soft and is not suitable for ALL types of jewelry designs. Now, when mixed with alloys (other types of metals), you have what's called Sterling Silver.

Sterling Silver varies just like the type and amount of alloys used vary. For instance, we have what's known as .925 sterling silver, what this means is, there are 92.5% of Fine silver and the rest percentage is made up of  an alloy. This combination makes it stronger than the pure silver otherwise known as Fine silver.

Now, a lot of people (including myself till I knew) don't really place much value on this metal when used in jewelry. The jewelries are not really appreciated in its worth as others (like gold).


Simply because we think since its prone to tarnish its life span is short and it's no longer useful. Well, you're absolutely wrong!  It was a pleasant surprise to discover that you can recover and polish oxidized and tarnished sterling/fine silver jewelries! Yes, looking good as new and worn over and over again like the more expensive counterpart (gold).

Silver jewelries can in fact be redesigned, melted and recreated into new designs of your choice! Yes, they are not useless when they tarnish! This is where a Metalsmith comes in.  So if you have old, tarnish/rusty silver jewelries please don't discard or throw away!!

Once you're able to show the labels or papers that show what kind of silver jewelry it is ( very important for the Metalsmith). This will help determine how best to reclaim and bring the pieces to life!

Remember, we work with this metal for custom pieces, that's our luxury brand (Fulfill Jewelry Luxe). You name it, you order and we create it.

Questions...let's know below.

Peace, Love and Light Always!

Tuesday 10 September 2019

Marriage: Fantasies Vs Facts

Hello Lovelies,

What have you been upto? Hope everything is going well?

So I was approached by a founder of a group in a university to give a talk on Marriage. I was pleasantly surprised because it means  I do have something tangible to share!  This led to this...

A discussion  about the oldest institution in the history of mankind -Marriage.

So, what exactly is the definition/meaning of Marriage?

Keeping it simple from the various definitions out there: The Spruce defines "marriage as a formal union and social and legal contract between two individuals that unites their lives legally, economically and
emotionally....Being married also gives legitimacy to sexual relations within the marriage".

Personally, Marriage is a union between persons willing to give all it takes  (individual/collective) regardless of what happens therein as long as it's not life threatening.

This sounds serious and not something you decide in a hurry. Growing up, I believe you all can relate to what I'm about to say, I read alot of romantic novels and equally watched many classic/romantic movies. Based on this I had a perfect picture of what relationships and in some cases what marriage was all about. It was easy, fun and desirable, no stress, tears or pain just living happily in the present and ever after.

I craved and had a picture image of how my future man will be. I built this image in my head and added all the qualities I desired. What a wonderful being I created and fantasized.

I know you all can relate to this. Let me tell you all there's nothing wrong with these fantasies only that they exist in the fairy tales, novels, movies and what not.
That is one of my fond memories of growing up. Fantasies are far from facts and realities of life which also include marriage. Fantasies exist in our imaginations and facts live with us. So what are the common areas of fantasies as against the facts in marriage.

Fantasy: I'm beautiful, desirable and young therefore I can get any man. Handsome, caring and famous.

Fact: You are very beautiful desirable and young no doubt that is true. However, getting a man with all this qualities isn't always realistic. Don't get me I'm not saying it's impossible but I'm telling you that you don't get all the listed qualities you wish in him.  If you're gonna base your choice on these qualities then you are in for a long wait. Perhaps it may happen for you but what are the odds?

Fantasy: I have to graduate, get a job before I ever get married.

Fact: It's a good idea but if you have a good man at hand, nothing stops you from settling down if he's ready. A lot of girls have missed good men because of this waiting to achieve criterion.

I'm a strong believer of having it all,  being married, continuing education as long as you're willing! Let it be its your wish and he's ready to grant you that. I did, I had my first 3 kids during my first degree at the university. It never stopped me from getting good grades or graduating.I also completed my Master's degree while still having children.

Fantasy: Physical attributes are more important( his looks, charms, dressing, voice, height, weight etc) than inate qualities ( respect, wisdom, understanding, kindness, patience, spirituality,vision etc).

Fact: Don't get me wrong. Don't get carried away with praises and complements.  They are important and you see these things first and respond to them quicker than the inner qualities that you notice much later.
You can't live with only the physical qualities because over time they will fade and then you're left with inner qualities that live with you all through. Therefore, consider the inner qualities more than the physical qualities.

Fantasy: I will always get my way because he loves me.

Fact: You will never always get your way. You can never win the arguments all the time even if you're right and he's wrong. Compromise is the bridge and wisdom.

Fantasy: He promised not to hit me again but .....he will change

Fact: There're men who genuinely change and understand only weak people hit and beat women or their wives. But if he beats you over and over again during courtship, then he's not going to stop till you're maimed or dead.
A man that beats you over and over again has a form of mental/psychological problem so you can't change him simply because you're married. Afterall you are  not a Psychologist/ Psychiatrist. Don't be a victim of domestic violence/abuse.

Fantasy: I can change him.

Fact: Be a good person and live the rest to God. You can't really change a man, but your attitude and character can influence him greatly. He will change if you give him reasons to not necessarily because you did... I hope that make sense!

Fantasy: I can trap him with pregnancy

Fact: This is why most girls get disappointed or become baby mamas and single mothers.
You can't trap a man with pregnancy to marry you this days. If you even succeed, you're bound for alot of pains and heartaches. That's not a good foundation for marriage.

Fantasy: I want my man fully made and ready to go.

Fact: The reality is that wealth is transient.Better you have a man with vision of greatness than a rich one  without vision as he will end up as a mere poor opportunist over time. A poor person with great vision will overtime become rich. However you may just well be lucky if you get a rich one  and also with great vision as there is  no limit to what a person can achieve.

There are many more... I can go on and on.. There's nothing like being realistic in your taste and search for Mr. Right.

Don't undermine the core values ( like your core courses in university) and qualities you desire. If these qualities are met to a high score, then compatibility will be attainable for a happy marriage.

So don't forget to seperate the fantasies from the facts when in a relationship.

It was a good interactive session. Questions were entertained and comments too.
Let me know your thoughts or questions below. Thank you and God bless!

Thursday 13 June 2019

Introduction of Our Luxury Line

You all know I love designing and making jewelries. Not news right...haha. Its my passion and I feel so fulfilled creating these jewelries. So I have good news! Which is the introduction of a new line, a luxury line that caters for custom pieces.

This came into being simply because its the right time to do it and people are becoming increasingly aware of this niche. Its kind of exciting and fun to know you can personalized jewelries (necklace, bracelet, cuff-links, bracelets, symbols and shapes that are personal to you). All in sterling silver or 18 karat-gold! Isn't that simply amazing!

So officially, Fulfill Jewelry is into Metalsmithing. The beauty of this line is you get to have your jewelries exclusively made for you from scratch to finish in your favorite metal. Did I mention its also totally and tastefully 100% handcrafted, yes handmade with lots of love in it! What deal can get better than this if you ask me.

A lot of people may have their doubts and fears seeing sterling silver. We are just used to seeing and believing that luxury jewelries are peices that are 18 karat-gold, 22-karat-gold, Platinium and Diamonds. Simply because they are timeless and retain their value through out because they are reusable. Yes you're right there.

But do you know Sterling silver (precisely .925 sterling silver) and Fine silver can also last a lifetime and  are reuseable? Watchout a post on that.

So, welcome to Fufill Jewelry Luxe (new luxury line),  feel free to let us know what you want and how you want it. In 18 karat-gold, Sterling silver or Fine silver and we create it tastefully with lots of love, 100% handmade. These pieces can go for co-operate gifts, birthdays, anniversaries and more to yourself and loved ones.

Here are some of our custom pieces made for our amazing customers. You can get yours done too.
Saying a big thank you to all who have supported us through out the years and even pushing us to do better. You're appreciated and Blessings all the way!

Always open to constructive criticisms in other to serve you better. Enjoy!

Monday 25 March 2019

Everyday Style

Hello Lovelies! How are you?

Have you noticed? The year is moving, like moving fast. Can you believe we are already in the third month of 2019? We have done our national election and of course, the suspense and tension that came with it. Thank God it was quite peaceful. But not without its challenges....the disagreements and issues that would have become a national concern. Good to know anyway, things are back to normal.

Talking about normal, that's the essence of what we do all the time and are very used to. Things that we just don't think about because it's imbedded in us unconsciously. It's usually repeatedly done that we are known or associated with it. Sometimes we become identified with it. This could be a good thing or bad depending on where we are coming from.

Our styles are similar too. Our mode of dressing, fashion sense and what we are comfortable with it and want to be identified with.

What do you consider as your own style? What are you so comfortable with that you can be associated with all the time? Share with me!

As a jewelry designer, these thoughts inspired our collection...the Everyday Style. Pieces that you can wear regularly, even daily with different outfits. Jewelries you can dress up or down depending on the occasion and still look effortlessly stylish.

Here are a collection of some of them. Let me know what your everyday style entails. What you cannot do without in your everyday style. Will be fun to know and share!

Thanks always!

Wednesday 6 March 2019

When Its Gold-Filled

There's always a conflict when you mention gold, gold plated, karat-gold and gold-filled. I don't blame you because it was the same for me before I got into jewelry making. I would simply explain a bit of each of them to help you understand better the topic I want to discuss.

Gold is a precious metal which occurs in the soil. At its natural or pure state (not mixed with any other metal), it's 24-karat, 99.9% pure, and is so soft that it can't really be used to make lasting jewelries. It's also very brittle  but can be used for other purposes. Of course, you know it's very expensive.

Gold plated is any item electroplated in gold.  The coating is so thin that the amount of gold used is insignificant. This makes it wear off easily overtime to reveal or expose the metal beneath, giving it the tarnishing effect. Gold plated jewelry is rather inexpensive.

Karat-gold is when other metals are introduced into the pure gold, making it an alloy. Now, there are different levels of karat. Apart from 24-karat, we have 22-karat (91.6% gold), 18-karat (75%), 14-karat (58.3%), 10-karat (41.7%) and 9-karat (37.5%). So the higher the gold obviously, the more expensive.

Gold-Filled on the other hand, is when jewelry is thickly coated with any of the karat gold. This actually protects the metal beneath, preventing it from deteriorating. It could last for a very longtime and looks good enough to be mistaken for the real karat-gold. These pieces are quite expensive but not as much as the real karat-gold.

I never really believed gold-filled jewelries would last or have any lasting impression because I never made or wore one. This changed until I got my 14-karat gold-filled wire (20g) and other accessories to create my first complete set. I didn't have any expectations; I just wanted to make something gold-filled and see what happens!

It was a long tedious wire jewelry made with jump rings and swarovski crystals, which took hours. I had to coil my wire into rings, cut the rings then begin linking them with the swarovski crystals before closing them tightly to create this intricate necklace and earrings.


I was in for a shock when I put them out for sale. People were quick to question its price and asked if it was real gold. I had to continuously explain the process and fundaments, but to no avail. So, that was the end of my creation of any gold-filled piece. For years it wasn't sold so I never bothered to put it out again for sale. I kept it for myself and my oh my was I waiting for the right opportunity to rock it!

The chance presented itself during my daughter's  secondary school graduation in 2012. I wore it with a black and gold dress. The multiple complements I received restored my faith and gave me hope!
Today, its a lot easier as people are more aware. 9 years since it was made now, I recently wore the set and it was as marvelous as ever!

The point here is if it's not karat-gold, it's okay and the jewelry can be just as stunning. However, if you can afford the karat-gold please go ahead. If not, you can confidently rock gold-filled jewelry which can last almost as long as the karat- gold

This design is created with swarovski crystals and is 14-karat gold-filled. It can be customized to fit r your preferences. Please let me know, if you have any gold-filled jewelry, your experience and how long you've have it.

Questions? Will be glad to take them.

Enjoy the week!

Wednesday 20 February 2019

Coral Beads: Why You Need One

Hello! How are you? I'm doing good if you ask me. I'm thanking Him for another opportunity to continue in the land of the living.

As a child, I remember my grandma  and mom buying and having beads. I never knew what type of beads these where or why they needed them. These beads came in different shades of peach, complete neck piece sets, bracelets, and sometimes earrings. They were used only for special occasions.

So why are these beads cherished?

It was when I became older that I understood the importance. I knew they were CORAL beads and are rare, expensive and cherished by our ancestors. Some of these beads were actually passed down from generations and this has continued till today.

They are cherished because it goes with our cultural heritage. It is used for occasions like weddings, traditional festivals, chieftaincy titles, burials and coronations.  They are valued and believe to carry some kind of family sentiments, bond and story which is passed down.

So, nothing is truly complete in any of the occasions mentioned above without them. It's  even seen as disrespectful not to have them on and it can lead to a fine or a scold and seen as disregard of our culture.

Do you now know why its very important to own your own set of Coral beads.

Do you own one? If not, its time to get yours.

Are your parents or grandparents alive? Do they own theirs? Did you inherit any from them?

Tell us a story on how you got yours and  and when you used them.

Share below, shoot an email if you need them, we create varieties for different occassions.


Saturday 26 January 2019

Statement With Your Fur

Top of the day lovelies! Hope the week has been good to you. If yes, can you share one of your highlights; remember, this is suppose to be an interactive blog. If not, any lessons learnt? Get up, dust yourself, and do it right this time!

OK! Have you said or heard someone say "they made a statement"?  or "want to make a statement"? Well, I believe you have. What are the reasons for making statements? To be different from the crowd, to be noticed and admired, to be the center of attention, be powerful and present, feel good about oneself etc... Kindly add yours in the comment box.

Keeping this in mind, when we apply this into the context of what we wear, you can agree with me that making statements goes hand-in- hand with how we portray ourselves. How we look or try to make a statement depends on the occasion and how you feel . If you're going for a job interview you dress to look smart and on top of your game. You could do this by wearing a crisp suit or shining your shoes till they reflect like mirrors. Every individual has what they term as "statement " This is why I'm bringing to you this "statement piece" from our collection. Very beautiful, bold and stylish! Don't we all love to be classy! It comes in a variety of  colours and it goes with western and traditional outfits, depending on how you choose to  rock it. If you want to know how to match it with these modes of dressing, let me know in the comment box as well.

Incidentally,  this beading pattern is called fur, which  agrees with making statements. Fur in the 20th century and even now shows class and luxury, which is exactly what this set conveys. Below you can find pictures of how I chose to 'fur' myself with this beautiful set. What are you waiting for? If you're done feeding your eyes  order yours now and join me in making a statement. Share with me, how you would wear this.

Love always!

Saturday 12 January 2019

Our Very Own 2-in-1 Design

The year is still young, so happy 2019! I believe this is the time to position and kick off for whatever endeavours you want to pursue. As you know, its already clicking ...the time, get up and move.

We are officially open for business and I look forward to an exciting and rewarding year by God's grace. And I wish you the same.

As you already know, I'm always excited to share new things with you and this one is super exciting! Our very own design, yes, it's created with basic pattern (CRAW). This pattern was now further developed by me to create our very own 2-in-1 design! This truly made my day, week  and month!  Do you know what it means to think through, try out, fail, try again and again, and still fail?! Not giving up, I kept trying until it clicked and the frustration just flew out  the window. I succeeded! You need to see my dancing moves!


Anyway, the glory belongs to God. Having created this design, I put it into test and came out with very beautiful pieces.! The unique thing is, you can wear both sides ( front and back) giving the feel of owning two separate sets!  Which is  why it's called the 2-in-1 set.  So, you have the dominant side, which has just one colour. Then, on the other side is a different colour, but, with a little of the dominant color at the sides.This gives you two different designs for one set!

Very versatile and beautiful. There's more exciting news though: It also comes with not one but two pairs of earrings (in the two colours) and a matching bracelet, like the necklace.

Enough talking. Let these pictures do the rest! You'll also see one of our very beautiful clients rocking it below. You too can get yours beautifully crafted. Let me know in the comment box. Shoot an email, Questions too?...will love to know below.


Tuesday 1 January 2019

Beaded Tassels Earrings: Burst of Colours!

   HAPPY 2019!!! We made it, to God be the glory!

I know you're in full gear for the season, so what will you be doing? Visiting relatives in the village, visiting your parents, travelling of to a resort in or outside the country? Or just chilling at home with lots of  foods and drinks?

Well, whatever your preference is, going out at this point is compulsory. So what are you wearing?  Your style also determines your mood so look good and feel good!

This is where the inspiration for these lovely beaded tassels originated. I needed something that I could just play up or down, wear with different outfit styles, and still create the impression I want.  These earrings gave me the wings to fly.

 I love the fact,  that it comes in different colours and could be long or short. Even kids and teens are not left out!

Yours can be beautifully crafted. Great gifts anytime too. Here are some pictures below, don't forget to tell me what you think.

Be safe and stay out of trouble.


 Hello, Lovelies It has been quite a while! Hope you're keeping safe and doing good. Today, I felt like sharing this topic with you: cry...