Wednesday 25 July 2012

My Robbery Experience

This is a short story written by my 9 year-old.. Just wanted to share it with you. I hope you enjoy it. Happy Reading!

One misty morning I decided to go shopping in town to buy new shoes. I couldn't decide which pair of shoes so I waited till I got to the shop.

I got to the shop early enough to see the type of shoes that I liked. It was a pink pair of slippers. As I picked it up, I felt something poke me then I looked at a mirror close to me and saw a tall man standing right behind me.  He began to whisper something to my ear.

He said “Don’t try to get attention lady or else I’ll stab you here and now”. I felt like screaming but obeying him was better than dying.

He said again “pick up that diamond at your left, tuck it in your pocket and leave”. I had no idea that there were cameras surrounding me so as I walked out the door, this loud alarm began to ring and I knew they had caught me because it explained all the securities around me.  I tried to explain to the securities that I was forced and threatened with a knife but they said I could explain everything in court.

 When I arrived at court they asked me so many questions that weren't even meant to be asked in this situation. When I got my chance to talk and explain how everything happened, they asked for proof but I had had no proof. The robber disappeared immediately the alarm rang. I told them so but, nobody believed me.

 So I was sentenced to prison for five years for the stealing of a diamond which I had been forced to steal. As I was still trying to think of proof in my cell on how to get out, the answer hit me! Nobody even thought about this!

 When the alarm in the shop rang, it was because cameras were surrounding me so without those cameras, I would have got away with the diamond and then given it to the thief. But that would have been a crime, I would have been guilty.

Immediately, I told the security walking by the cell passage that I had proof. He took me to the judge. I told the judge that I had proof. I was asked what proof I had. I told the judge and he sent some police back to the shop to check the cameras records. They saw the part where I was threatened by the robber. They immediately went back to court and told the judge everything they had seen.

 The police also told the judge that the robber was released from jail some weeks ago. They quickly traced the robber and arrested him while I gained my freedom!

Oh what a happy day for me. JJ


Friday 20 July 2012

Dealing With A Sick Husband

I am featured as a guest blogger on Unveiled Wife. Here is an excerpt of the article. 

"Having a beautiful picture of a loving and healthy husband with kids is every woman’s dream.
Sometimes, this perfect family doesn’t always happen exactly the way we wish. This is simply due to the fact that life is always evolving and sometimes we get what we never bargained for. You may be prepared for this if you are already aware of his health concerns before marriage.  However, if it’s a sudden situation, where you never  prepared for this development in regard to his health, it could be one of the most challenging times for everyone."

For the full article, Click Here

Linda Aliogo

Appreciating The Beauty You Are

We live in a world where we now have to think in a certain way. We have to look in a certain way to be accepted as beautiful. We have to have certain parts of our body to be a particular size to be seen as beautiful. We live in a world where this phenomenon has gained a lot of ground, as we helplessly watch!

A world where we are made to feel ugly, sick, angry and insecured just because of our looks. A world where the less natural you are, the better you are accepted as beautiful!
What a world!

I sit and wonder  why how we have allowed ourselves to be so brainwashed by what we see and hear. Why we have allowed our fellow beings to define how we look and what is accepted as ‘beautiful’.

“What is wrong with our natural look?”

You are worried about your face, nose, ears, breasts, stomach, thighs.. You are not happy because you feel you are too short, too tall, too fat or too thin. You hate the stretch marks and cellulites on your body. You feel you are not beautiful because you have been comparing yourself with what is currently regarded as ‘beautiful’ right?

If you are, then it is time to change your mind set.


I want you, who is reading this to know that you are beautiful- in every way. Just like all fingers are not equal so also we are diverse in our beauty. Just like the fingers work together to hold any object so also our diverse looks make us who we are, actually unique and beautiful giving a colorful world when we come together too.

There is beauty in diversity. There is strength in unity. Therefore our diversity is actually our strength. We don’t need to change this, rather we need to appreciate and be proud of who we are.. To me that is beauty and being beautiful!

Your shortcomings may be another person’s love, so appreciate who you are and what God has bestowed on you. Be contended, be happy and accept who you are. In other words, be comfortable in your skin and you will eb appreciated.

Exercise, watch what you eat and refuse to compare yourself with any other because you are YOU!  And you are beautiful!

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“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it well”- Ps.139:3

“Even the models we see in magazines wish they could look like their own images”- Cheri K. Erdman

Linda Aliogo

Saturday 14 July 2012

Teenage Pregnancy: 7 Things We Are Not Saying

A lot have been written about teenage pregnancy. So my focus right now is what I believe we have not spoken about…well enough. What a a lot of people have not paid attention to as regards this issue. What does not cross your mind immediately?
Well, here they are

Sex Education Is For Boys Too

A lot of focus on the girl-child because she bears the brunt, the pains, blame and of course carry the pregnancy. Parents especially mothers fail to talk to their boys about sex, about abstaining! They concentrate on the girls on how to behave and act before boys but hardly do they tell their boys how to act and treat girls. This is ignored as our boys feel they can have sex anytime.

Due to ignorance, they fail to know that having sex results in pregnancy. That they are equally as guilty as the pregnant girl. If we start educating our boys about this- they are equally guilty as the girl, then it would help to change a certain mind set a s regard teen pregnancy.

Rape Is A Crime- A Violation of the Girl

Pregnancies that resulted from rape have been taken lightly or ignored!  The security agents that are suppose to protect lives and properties do not take this seriously- as part of their job. They do not attach much importance to this type of crime.

The girl is ridiculed, abused and ignored. She carries the pains and shame. The violator is not punished for this offence, as he gains freedom after a while in detention. I just want to ask

When are we going to take rape as a serious crime?Right now, nothing or little is done about this.

He is Equally Guilty As Her

All the blame goes to the girl. She is reminded how she has become loose and wayward! How she has brought shame to the family.

At this stage, I just want to ask if the boy is getting the same treatment like the girl. Both should be treated equally as both of them are guilty. Does it not take two to tangle?

Accepting Responsibility Is Not Assurance For Marriage

The reason some boys deny being responsible is simply because they are not prepared for marriage. They are not yet ready to take up the responsibilities of a husband and a father. They are not yet empowered for this role.

If there are no strings attached in their involvement, they would own up and it would be easier for both families to reach a compromise on what they should do. But if marriage is the only option then, the boy would rather deny than accept responsibility.

I just wish that the families involved should understand this- That its better for an unborn child to have an identity, to know his father rather than to be denied because of the hostile conditions surrounding his conception and later birth.

Furthermore, if they are forced into marriage, what future do they have together at this point in their lives? The two persons involved should be given a second  chance to better their lives and eventually decide if they would want to have a life together or not. It should not be forced on them because whatever the outcome in that marriage, they would always remind you that they were forced into it.

It  Is Not War For Both Families

The deed is done. The two persons involved are going through a lot. This is not the time for both families to throw blame at each other.

“You did not train your daughter well”

“My son is not responsible”

“Your son must marry my daughter”

No, this is not the time. It would not take you anywhere. As long as the two who are involved have acknowledged their actions, then its time to sit down and  discuss on the way forward. The two should be part of the discussion on what they want as regard their situation. They may not exactly know what they want. However, they should be carried along. The discussion should be based on how they can go through this path and get back to improving their lives in order to become responsible. Both family should talk and war.

Emotional Stress of the Girl

She has upsetted her life and others and she’s paying dearly for it. A lot of tears, emotional pains, regrets and fear. She needs to be cancelled and educated on sex again. This time no holds barred. You must know everything and what await her at the end of the pregnancy(giving birth). She has to be prepared; questions regarding that should be answered as candidly as possible.

She should not be ignored or isolated. She should be encouraged about the situation and the lesson learnt.

Getting Back to School

Being pregnant is not end of her goal in life. Having a baby is a thing of joy only that it happened to early and at the wrong time.

Some of the girls do not go back to school because there is no support system at home. So, she has to take care of her baby and herself. She may even live with extended family members after she has been ‘disowned’ and pursued away from home.

What we are not saying enough is that there is life after having a baby. Those dreams and goals can still be achieved if only they get back to school. These girls should be encouraged to do so. They just need to work harder.

Thanks, your comments are welcomed.

“For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality; that each one of you know how to control his own body in holiness and honor, not in the passion of lust like the Gentiles who do not know God”- 1 Thess.4:3-5 

“Reducing teen pregnancy and birth is one of the most effective ways of reducing child poverty in the country”- Jordan Brown

Linda Aliogo

Saturday 7 July 2012

Sex Education And Our Children

As teens way back then, I remember when  our moms used to tell us that “we should not be close to boys”. That if we do, “we would become pregnant!” I remember how it became a big concern for moms when their daughters start their ‘period’. I remember how they tell us how  to ‘act’ with the boys.

This was many years ago, yet we (now moms) are still doing the same thing with bigger challenges!  Nowadays, because of the kind of exposure our kids have, they are more adventurous!  They go all the way just to experience what they have seen without knowing the huge consequences. While others are not so lucky as they are victims to the evils of today’s society. Most times, these girls get pregnant from first experience- be it rape or incest.

Are we doing enough as moms (parents)?  

Are we listening and watching enough?

 Is there something we are not getting or doing right?

Now moms, how many of us have brought up and discussed issues regarding sex and teen pregnancy to our 10 year olds?

You may ask me “10 year-olds? They are still young!”

I want to ask you, have you really looked at 10 year-olds of today?

Have you seen how matured they look and act (already having breasts!)?

With the constant exposure to media, do you know what they know?
If you can answer these questions, would you say they are very young to be educated about sex and teen pregnancy?

Well, I don’t think so as this depends on where you start the conversation and what you tell them. Here is my approach, you initiate the conversation and then allow them to speak, You LISTEN attentively!  You do not interrupt them; you ask questions and allow them to explain.

You must be ready to absorb any shock or revelation in other to make them open up. If not, they may withdraw into their shells and keep all they know inside. That is not what we want to achieve or is it?

After all said and done by them, you begin to educate; correcting wrong answers, impressions. Encourage them to ask questions depending on age, give appropriate answers. Use, the right terms for the reproductive parts. Do not use ‘baby language’. Call as appropriate and keep a normal expression.

Encourage them to seek opinions, answers and advice on any aspect of sex and teen pregnancy especially after a conversation with their age-mates and friends. This is so important as most wrong information and impression start within their age group.

Also, start preparing your girl for her first menstrual experience. Buy books that discuss such issues, give moral and spiritual advice too. Talk to her and demonstrate accordingly.Tell the boys just as the girls, why it’s important to wait before dating.

Mind you, the discussion is continuous and can start just about anytime they are curious or have heard or seen anything that got them thinking!  Try to LISTEN and be there for them; don’t shove them away because you are busy. You may not get another opportunity to correct any wrong impression! No matter what you are doing, when it comes to this type of issue, give a listening ear and give appropriate answers.

Let’s not shy away from this because the consequence maybe too heavy for us to bear if there is any mistake. Let’s start the conversation. Let’s start educating our children. As you know, “knowledge is power”.

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"For this is the will of God, your sanctification, that ye should abstain from fornication. That everyone of you should know hoe to posses his vessel in sanctification and honour"- 1 Thess.4:3-4

"I think sex education should include enhancing a girl's sexual self-image and self-esteem and give her the tools to say 'no' and ultimately 'yes' when the time is right"- Anita H. Clayton

                                   Linda Aliogo

Wednesday 4 July 2012

Like A Zebra

This poem came to me when I was thinking about  the issues women have with their bodies. How unhappy and insecured they feel about themselves especially when they become mothers!   Those changes that come after having children.

Well, these are my thoughts…

I have lines like a zebra
Beautiful lines that tells a story
A beautiful story I’m proud to share
Proud to share my achievement

An achievement that comes with pains
Pains that I pray to experience
An experience that begins with an action
An action that ends with passion

A passion that is so strong
So strong that it gives a seed
A seed that germinates into life
A life that grows in 9 months
9 months of development and changes

Beautiful changes on my body
Beautiful lines like that of a zebra
Lines I’m not ashamed of
Because of my achievement

An achievement of bringing another life
Another life that has an opportunity
An opportunity to tell a story
A beautiful story all over again

Like a zebra
I have earned my lines
I am not afraid
I am not ashamed

I am a woman
I am a mother
I am beautiful
Like a zebra

Please share if you are beautiful and proud to be a woman or mother.

“For the Lord shall be thy confidence and shall keep thy foot from being taken”- Prov. 3:26

“There is nothing more rare or more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. T o me, that is the true essence of beauty”- Steve Maraboli

                                             Linda Aliogo


 Hello, Lovelies It has been quite a while! Hope you're keeping safe and doing good. Today, I felt like sharing this topic with you: cry...