Wednesday 20 February 2019

Coral Beads: Why You Need One

Hello! How are you? I'm doing good if you ask me. I'm thanking Him for another opportunity to continue in the land of the living.

As a child, I remember my grandma  and mom buying and having beads. I never knew what type of beads these where or why they needed them. These beads came in different shades of peach, complete neck piece sets, bracelets, and sometimes earrings. They were used only for special occasions.

So why are these beads cherished?

It was when I became older that I understood the importance. I knew they were CORAL beads and are rare, expensive and cherished by our ancestors. Some of these beads were actually passed down from generations and this has continued till today.

They are cherished because it goes with our cultural heritage. It is used for occasions like weddings, traditional festivals, chieftaincy titles, burials and coronations.  They are valued and believe to carry some kind of family sentiments, bond and story which is passed down.

So, nothing is truly complete in any of the occasions mentioned above without them. It's  even seen as disrespectful not to have them on and it can lead to a fine or a scold and seen as disregard of our culture.

Do you now know why its very important to own your own set of Coral beads.

Do you own one? If not, its time to get yours.

Are your parents or grandparents alive? Do they own theirs? Did you inherit any from them?

Tell us a story on how you got yours and  and when you used them.

Share below, shoot an email if you need them, we create varieties for different occassions.



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