Saturday 28 January 2012

Self Improvement for Housewives

You have been married for quite a while and there are three children to show for it. You have graduated from the university some years back and did actually study a course that would fetch you a job anyway.

After seven years of marriage, you have nothing to show for your academic qualifications because your husband foots all the bills.

At first, you were contented with the fact that you are not bothered about hunting for a job, getting up early and getting home late. The children keep you bust-school runs, cooking, homework and general upkeep of the house
I bet you can’t even remember your certificate or even think of getting a job anyway soon!

Life is good!

Then one day, yo realize that many years have gone by, the reflection of the person in the mirror is not you. Or is it YOU? You wonder and question yourself…

This is because you are JUST realizing that you have been doing the same thing over the years, and you do want a change!

You have been out of the employment market for years that you virtually don’t know anything about the current situation. You have never run any business in your life, yet you want to get up and do something!

Does this picture fit you?

You pick up the issue with your husband and he does listen. Then he asks you “what do you want to do?” You keep quiet and starts thinking on what to reply, shockingly, you realized you have no answer!

You tell him “You would tell him later”. This is when you realize again, you have a problem…actually a crisis on your hands!

You cannot simply make up your mind on one business that you want to embark on. You start making enquiries, researches and getting g information from everywhere possible. You just can’t put a finger on the exact thing to do.

Dear husband may be kind enough to suggest one or two things but, you do know that those things are not really for you.

What do you do?

I have been in that situation and I believe these tips would help housewives in this situation to figure out exactly what works for them.

How much time do you really have and what type of business can you run from the house or outside.

Go for what gives you fulfillment. This may be easy to figure out. It may also be a soul-searching task. You must be able to ask yourself what hobbies give you satisfaction that you can turn into business if you so pleases.

As you know, what you have passion for do not really feel like work, because you enjoy doing it. This may take just a few days to many years (as in my case). You really need to be critical, patient and do not despair.

Whatever you decide, be sure and start preparing for competition. You are not the only person in that business. So you should be ready to give it your best.

Research and research and research. This is for you to be grounded and understand better what you are going into.

You may need little or huge capital, depending on your interest.

Hard work
You must be prepared to work hard if you want to succeed. Be consistent.

With all things are possible. Do not ignore this as your faith would keep going. Involve Him at every stage.

“But my God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus”-Phillipians 4:16

“You can do it if you believe you can”- Napoleon Hill

                                       Linda Aliogo

How To Remove Urine Odour

To stop the smell of urine from the house ( sofa, mattress, cushion or pillows, carpets etc) is possible. However, its actually better to prevent this in the first place. If you are already in trouble with this, then these tips I’m going to suggest would actually help to stop the smell. It may be gradual ( take series of applications ) or maybe be fast (just one application) depending on the affected area.
Mixture of Baking Soda, Water and Vinegar 
These are commonly found in supermarkets or regular markets. All you need do is to mix one part of white vinegar to two parts of water and baking powder. Rub the mixture into the affected areas and allow to dry. This can be done by taking the sofa or pillow (whatever is affected) out in the open air to sun.
Use  Mouthwash
Another great alternative to remove urine odour is the use of Listerine mouthwash mixed with a little water. Apply as stated above. This would leave fresh smell of the mouthwash for a while, which then gradually fades away leaving no odour.
Allow a lot of air in the environment. This would help to reduce the smell and encourage the affected areas to dry up fast. Put on the fans or air conditioners for better ventilation. Also leave the window open to allow in fresh air.
Use Odour Neutralizers and Air Freshener
This is temporal but could help to fix this problem immediately. You can also have  fragranced pot pourri in the house. There also air freshener plugs ins.
Camphor can also help if you can’t afford these air fresheners. Put them close to the affected areas. This would help to reduce the odour.
Repeat As Needed
As I said earlier, you may need to apply any of these tips once to get great result! However, you may need to repeat as many times as possible to get your desired result. Either way, do not give up!
Hope this gives you a great result!  Would love to hear from you!
"There is nothing like an odour to stir memories" -William McFee

Linda Aliogo

Tuesday 24 January 2012

7 Ways To Prevent Urine Odour

We are all familiar with the distinct smell of urine. The main cause of this is obviously  the frequent urination in places that absorb this liquid and dry up . For instance, when a child pees on a sofa, on the rug carpet, bed, etc.  Even your pet (dog).This dries up and produce odour that lingers even when the house looks clean!

This is a problem that a lot of homes are facing today!

Do you know you can actually prevent this embarrassing situation from occurring? How?

Here are some suggestions:

Daily Washing
Once you have a baby, be prepared! From changing the diaper to the baby clothes and beddings, you must be washing daily.  Do not store soiled napkins, dirty baby clothes in a laundry bag for days rather, they should be washed every day. If you must soak the clothes overnight, leave them at your balcony (backyard), add a lot of water and antiseptic. This would help to reduce the smell.

Remove the Carpet
If you do have tiles on your floor, then you do not need that carpet. Due to spills and leaks from kids, the carpet becomes soaked and smells. It becomes more difficult to maintain if there is constant urination from the kids. You know you can’t predict these kids! Its when you ARE LEAST prepared it happens!

So remove the carpets and simply mop away the leaks with a mop. I t dries faster and you don’t have to worry about any smell.

Mop with Disinfectant
When mopping, always add a capful of bleach to your water. This helps to kill germs and bacteria as well as eliminate any form of odour. You can also use any disinfectant of your choice.

Protective Covering on the Bed
For the beds, add water resistant cover underneath the bed sheet for the kids. This is simply to prevent the urine from getting absorbed into the mattress. Wash the beddings immediately when they are wet.

Potty Training
Start the potty training as quickly as possible. Its not easy as kids do not co-operate! Trust me I have been there! But you must be consistent and persistent! that’s just the only way they would get to learn and stop peeing just anywhere.

Have a particular time you put them on the potty, let’s say in the morning before bathing, in the afternoon after lunch and at night before bedtime. They may resist at first but, with time they would start co-operating with you!

Make Announcements
Ask regularly if they would like to pee or use the toilet. Reminding them all the time would make them to be conscious of it. This would help to reduce the accidental leaks!

Use Trainers/Pull Ups
For your toddlers, make them wear trainers. These are like pants with a lot of absorbing pads. It could come as disposables or cloth. Its gives them the freedom of wearing a “pant” to bed without the worry of bedwetting which causes odour. 

Another great alternative is use of diapers. This would also do the job only that the you have to remove it and wear it again.

 If  this helps, why don’t you tell a friend about this blog? 

  "There is nothing like an odour to stir memories"- william McFee


  Aliogo Linda

Friday 20 January 2012

Teenage Pressure: Being True to Yourself

The society of today in filled with pressure. There are different kinds of pressure which cut across the society. Pressure to belong to a particular social clan, for marriage or dating, fashion, drugs, alcohol etc.

These days, teenagers are exposed to all kinds of pressure no thanks to the society we are living in! Everybody is in a hurry to get the latest car, gadget, or electronic. It is now regarded as a form of social status that you belong to this ‘group’ of people because you can afford ‘this’.

We have seen the impact and the effect on us especially on our children .In some cases, this have actually led to emotional distress, fights and more serious cases like death.

So how do we manage and protect our children (especially teenagers) from this problem. As a mother of teenage children (16 and 14 respectively), this is challenging. As each child have different personalities and different ways of reacting to pressure.

Teenage pressure cuts across boundaries. This is why it is important as parents; we should understand our children, get close to know them more, communicate all the time (whether she is quiet or loud). Keep up the conversation and allow your child to open up, this will give an insight on how she reacts to any kind of situation she is exposed to.
Here are a few tips

Be the Example    
If you follow and listen a lot to what people tell you or talk about you, then, you have indirectly exposed your child to also care about what they say about her. Be a good example.       Learn to filter whatever information that comes  your  way  and  pick  the  one  that  actually  works for you.

Spend Wisely
Do not buy anything for them just because it’s the latest in town. They don’t need the latest blackberry handset, lace wig, car or shoes and bags! Rather, spend on things that would add value to their lives!, Get them a laptop and become computer literate, enroll them for cooking, baking classes. Let them go language classes, let them learn how to play musical instruments! Something that would improve their lives.

You Cannot Please Everybody
 Do your best and leave the rest.  How? As  long  as  you  make  it  clear  to  your  children,  that  there  is  no  competition  between  them  and  anybody.  They  should  understand  that  “there  is  time  for  everything  under the  sun “. Even  if their peers  are  buying  or  using  expensive  gadgets  like  mobile phones, iPods, laptops , designers   stuffs, make  it  clear  to  them,  they don’t need  those  things  to  be  WHO  they are. Those things   should not be used as basis for their identities rather; they should go for more lasting impressions like academic excellence, sound character, good sport records and other wonderful extra-curricular activities which can be related to their persons!

Make your children understand  when the  RIGHT  time  comes,  they  would  get  even  more  things  than what they are exposed to.

Expressing Themselves 
They should learn to speak up for themselves. However if the pressure is so much, make them to understand they can leave the place and get associated with people who have similar interests like they do!
Life is all about making the right choices, make them to understand this.

Love to hear more tips.

“Be not deceived; evil communications corrupt good manners -1 Cor. 15:33”   
“The stress of unresisting unhealthy peer pressure can be buffered by good family relationship and high self esteem, and it’s often those adolescents with neither who succumb to unhealthy pressure from their peers – L. G. Arnold”

                Linda Aliogo

Friday 13 January 2012

Making Your Salad More Enjoyable Without Cream

Vegetable salad is made with different vegetables like cabbage, carrot, peas, beetroot, lettuce, etc. Some people add pastas like macaroni, to make it actually a full meal.

As you know salad cream (dressing) or mayonnaise is added into the ingredients. This is where the challenge comes in… making it healthy and the same time enjoyable.

The cream added to most vegetable salads are packed with high calories! This makes it quite unhealthy for people who are conscious of their eating habits. On the other hand, it will be difficult to eat this without anything… to add taste.

 So how do you enjoy your salad without the high-calorie cream?

How do you eat healthy and really truly enjoy it?

This is what I do; I mean how I eat my salad and truly enjoy it. I add SWEET CORNS!. I do not use cream and do not miss it! I keep the salad ingredients, simple. I do not mix more than two or three vegetables at the same time. I pick my  vegetables (use about 3 types of vegetables at a time. This is in order to have varieties every time you pick different vegetables) then, I add my sweet corn (as much as you like) mix and I am ready to go! You can rinse out the sweet corn or use direct from the can.

I have been eating my salad for years and I must tell you I have never missed cream. If you are health-conscious  , this is a great alternative!

Please feel free to share your recipe too!

"They are life unto those that find them, and health to their flesh" -Prov.4:22

"The only way for a rich man to be healthy is by exercise and abstinence., to live as if he  were  poor" - Paul Dudely White

                                                Linda Aliogo

Monday 9 January 2012

Fuel Subsidy Removal: Your Take On This

We have been reading the daily papers, listening to the radio and watching the t.v sets…what do we hear and see? nothing but the burning issue that is tearing Nigeria apart! Fuel subsidy removal!

Speaking from the reactions, I would say the average Nigerian(you and I) was actually shocked and totally unprepared for this! Its like the waking up one morning to discover that your car is stolen!  Do you get what I mean?

Well, a lot have been said already but I just want to say it’s a good course for all of us, putting into consideration that this country is still importing petroleum products when we actually own four refineries! For me, it doesn’t make sense! Let the subsidy be removed and let the market force determine the price! Let there be room for competition as individuals join the market force, this would lead to better choices in the long run and even create more job opportunities!

I can understand the pains and grievances but, don’t you think we should go through this hard times now and eventually enjoy the benefits in the long run? I can also understand the issue of TRUST by Nigerians toward the government. A lot of promises have been made in the past to us…unfulfilled promises! So why, should this situation be different from the previous ones?

Also, the way and manner it was implemented was bad! What a terrible way to start a brand new year! We should have been informed and prepared for this months back! Signs of the palliatives being in place would have also be a good advertisement for government and the new policy.

The hike in transport, foodstuffs and other things?   Well, the government has suggested ways they can cushion the effects. So why don’t we wait and see?

 My take on this is… if you don’t try, you don’t succeed!  I’m an optimistic person; I like to be positive rather than negative.  Why don’t we give this government a chance in implementing this fuel subsidy removal and see what happens next?

If you must know, some of the benefits of this fuel subsidy removal are:
  • Opportunities for the private sector to key in and give room for competition just like every other businesses. 
  •  Reduction in corruption and mis- management of funds from the oil sector.
  •  Job opportunities and creation (this would be the long- term benefits) similar to the telecommunication     sector where we have now different key players thriving and giving jobs to   Nigerians!
  •  Less attention in the oil sector as this would enable us to start getting less dependent on oil!  Virtually everything we do in Nigeria is oil-driving!
The idea that only a few people are control of the oil sector is not the best for this country. These few individuals determine the trends and influence decisions to their benefits. This should be dropped! Let it be open! That would come with this fuel subsidy.

What is your take in this issue? What are your views?  How do we move on from this stage to the next level as a country? Has the fuel subsidy benefited you, if yes in what areas? Do you think we are better off without it?   Why?

By the side, I'm also thrilled by the reactions of Nigerians both locally and in diaspora; perhaps its time for us to look at the cost of running the three-tiers of government and work towards deregulating it, if you know what I mean.


“If you are angry, don’t sin by nursing your grudge. Don’t let the sun go down  with you still angry, get over it quickly; for when you are angry, you give a mighty foothold to the devil” –Ephesians 4:26-27

“Anybody can be angry, that is easy; but to be angry with the right reason, and to the right degree, and at the right time, and for the right purpose, and the right way- that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy”- Aristotle

Aliogo Linda

Sunday 8 January 2012

8 Steps To Achieve Healthy, Beautiful and Glowing Skin

The skin is the largest organ in the body. The skin is the natural outer cover of the body. It is an important of the body although some people do not treat it as such. This is why some people do have dull looking, rough, hard and blemish skin. If treated well, you can achieve youthful, beautiful and glowing skin.

Getting a glowing and healthy skin is not difficult putting into consideration the benefits in the long term. You do not have to use harsh chemicals to achieve this. This is a common mistake people make. This mistake has caused a lot of people to have permanent scars and blemishes. In some cases, the skin has aged, wrinkled and damaged. More serious cases, it leads to skin cancer. You can achieve beautiful healthy and glowing skin with these steps namely:

This is the removal of dead skin, dirts from the surface to reveal young, healthy one. The skin renews itself every month to reveal younger and healthier one. The new skin looks better, softer and glows making it possible to look younger.

Exfoliation is achieved by two ways namely mechanical and chemical. Mechanical exfoliation involves the use of body scrubs to rub on the wet skin. The continuous rubbing on the skin helps to clear off dead skin.  There are different types of body scrub out there. Chemical exfoliation has to do with the use of fruit acids (alpha hydroxyl acids)to remove dead skin as well. It could be homemade or professionally done. This is also referred to as chemical peel. Exfoliating can be done daily or about three times daily. This helps to combat wrinkles and fine lines if regular.

This is good for the body as well as the skin. This is important to achieve a healthy skin. It opens up the pores and helps to excrete impurities as sweat. It helps to detoxify the body boosting circulation and toning up the muscles. This helps to give have a healthier, skin and body. Simple exercises are walking, dancing and jogging are very good.

Fruits and Vegetables
Eating  lot of fruits and vegetables help the body to remove unwanted toxins that makes the skin to look dull and unhealthy. To have glowing and youthful skin fruits and vegetables should be a must in your diet.

This is the rubbing or manipulation of a part or the whole body to ease and remove pain or stiffness. Massage is relaxing and helps to improve blood circulation in the body. With improved blood circulation in the skin, it reduces tension and softens the skin. This makes the skin healthier and softer.

Steam Baths and Sauna
Steam baths and sauna are very good for relaxation. It makes you sweat and open up your pores like exercise. It helps to flush out dead skins and also helpful in blood circulation. This helps to achieve a beautiful and healthy glow.

Sunscreen is very important for the skin. This is because it helps to prevent the skin from harmful UVA (Ultra Violet Aging) and UVB (Ultra Violet Burning) rays. The use of sunscreen helps to prevent of sun damage to the skin. It is therefore important to use sunscreen daily even when you are in door. This protects your skin sun burn and more importantly cancer. As you may know, sun burn makes the skin age and dark.

I bet you must have heard about beauty sleep. This is because sleeping for at least eight hours daily help to rejuvenate your skin. This is the period your skin repairs and renews itself.  It helps to relax. A good sleep could help to minimize wrinkles.

Water is very important for the skin. It hydrates the body, flushes out toxins and improves circulation. All these give the skin its youthful and healthy look. Take as much water as you can! At least the recommended 8 glasses daily and see how your skin would love you back by looking healthy.

You may not be able to achieve all these but do make an effort to take care of your skin and it would love you back by looking beautiful and youthful. By regularly sticking to most of the steps mentioned above would pay. Love your skin and try to look the best you can. Nobody looks good in dull and aged skin. Take care of your skin and you would be happy you did!

Talk to you later.

"The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it."

 "You were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body."1 Corinthians 6:20

                      Aliogo Linda

Tuesday 3 January 2012

The Pendulum

The world like a pendulum is never constant but always oscillating from negative to positive and vice -versa. This underlies the wisdom of GOD Who did not make day without night, good without evil, sun without rain, life without death, rich without poor, high without low, Jews without Gentiles.

Indeed, HE made everything in pairs even in the powers that rule the world, there is GOD and Satan! This truism indicates that GOD also did not create joy without sadness.

As you savour the joy that new year 2012 brings, I urge you to reach out to the other majority persons at the other reality of divide ordained by creation and share in their situation. This is important as no condition is constant like the Pendulum swings, and can indeed swing either ways for every person.

I wish you and your family and loved ones a happy new year! and indeed new life and thinking about the Pendulum!

"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavens" -Eccl. 3:1

"The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness" -Uknown

                                          Linda Aliogo


 Hello, Lovelies It has been quite a while! Hope you're keeping safe and doing good. Today, I felt like sharing this topic with you: cry...