Saturday 26 January 2019

Statement With Your Fur

Top of the day lovelies! Hope the week has been good to you. If yes, can you share one of your highlights; remember, this is suppose to be an interactive blog. If not, any lessons learnt? Get up, dust yourself, and do it right this time!

OK! Have you said or heard someone say "they made a statement"?  or "want to make a statement"? Well, I believe you have. What are the reasons for making statements? To be different from the crowd, to be noticed and admired, to be the center of attention, be powerful and present, feel good about oneself etc... Kindly add yours in the comment box.

Keeping this in mind, when we apply this into the context of what we wear, you can agree with me that making statements goes hand-in- hand with how we portray ourselves. How we look or try to make a statement depends on the occasion and how you feel . If you're going for a job interview you dress to look smart and on top of your game. You could do this by wearing a crisp suit or shining your shoes till they reflect like mirrors. Every individual has what they term as "statement " This is why I'm bringing to you this "statement piece" from our collection. Very beautiful, bold and stylish! Don't we all love to be classy! It comes in a variety of  colours and it goes with western and traditional outfits, depending on how you choose to  rock it. If you want to know how to match it with these modes of dressing, let me know in the comment box as well.

Incidentally,  this beading pattern is called fur, which  agrees with making statements. Fur in the 20th century and even now shows class and luxury, which is exactly what this set conveys. Below you can find pictures of how I chose to 'fur' myself with this beautiful set. What are you waiting for? If you're done feeding your eyes  order yours now and join me in making a statement. Share with me, how you would wear this.

Love always!

Saturday 12 January 2019

Our Very Own 2-in-1 Design

The year is still young, so happy 2019! I believe this is the time to position and kick off for whatever endeavours you want to pursue. As you know, its already clicking ...the time, get up and move.

We are officially open for business and I look forward to an exciting and rewarding year by God's grace. And I wish you the same.

As you already know, I'm always excited to share new things with you and this one is super exciting! Our very own design, yes, it's created with basic pattern (CRAW). This pattern was now further developed by me to create our very own 2-in-1 design! This truly made my day, week  and month!  Do you know what it means to think through, try out, fail, try again and again, and still fail?! Not giving up, I kept trying until it clicked and the frustration just flew out  the window. I succeeded! You need to see my dancing moves!


Anyway, the glory belongs to God. Having created this design, I put it into test and came out with very beautiful pieces.! The unique thing is, you can wear both sides ( front and back) giving the feel of owning two separate sets!  Which is  why it's called the 2-in-1 set.  So, you have the dominant side, which has just one colour. Then, on the other side is a different colour, but, with a little of the dominant color at the sides.This gives you two different designs for one set!

Very versatile and beautiful. There's more exciting news though: It also comes with not one but two pairs of earrings (in the two colours) and a matching bracelet, like the necklace.

Enough talking. Let these pictures do the rest! You'll also see one of our very beautiful clients rocking it below. You too can get yours beautifully crafted. Let me know in the comment box. Shoot an email, Questions too?...will love to know below.


Tuesday 1 January 2019

Beaded Tassels Earrings: Burst of Colours!

   HAPPY 2019!!! We made it, to God be the glory!

I know you're in full gear for the season, so what will you be doing? Visiting relatives in the village, visiting your parents, travelling of to a resort in or outside the country? Or just chilling at home with lots of  foods and drinks?

Well, whatever your preference is, going out at this point is compulsory. So what are you wearing?  Your style also determines your mood so look good and feel good!

This is where the inspiration for these lovely beaded tassels originated. I needed something that I could just play up or down, wear with different outfit styles, and still create the impression I want.  These earrings gave me the wings to fly.

 I love the fact,  that it comes in different colours and could be long or short. Even kids and teens are not left out!

Yours can be beautifully crafted. Great gifts anytime too. Here are some pictures below, don't forget to tell me what you think.

Be safe and stay out of trouble.


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