Monday 22 April 2013

My First Kunmihimo Jewelry

I came across kunmihimo type of jewelry first in a group which I happen to belong. I fell in love with the sheer beauty and design of the jewelries made with this form of braiding. I knew it is something I have to make...learn. It was added to my 'To Do' list.

So, here is my first attempt. This bracelet was made with crotchet cord. Being the first time, it took me a bit of time to finish up, but when I finally did, I was quite happy with the outcome. I especially love the heart -shaped dangle attached to the toggle clasp!

Having known the basic (which is without using beads), I have stocked materials for the next stage, and of course, I 'm excited at the thoughts of the possible outcome! There are so many jewelries made with this and I can't wait to get started. I would definitely let you know my result.

Well a bit of kunmihimo, this is a form of braiding where cords and other forms of threads are used. It originated from Japan. To make this type of braids, a kunmihimo disc is used. This disc comes with instructions and even show you the various designs you can make with different cords.

Linda Aliogo

Tuesday 16 April 2013

How to Wear Large Earrings

Large earrings are more common than ever now! This was not the case a decade ago, as we get to see different designs- colours, shapes and lengths. So how do you rock these earrings to get the best out them? How do you look your best wearing them?

Personally, when I wear large earrings, I abide by the principle of "less is more". This means, I don't get to wear any other piece of jewelry near my face- such as necklace. This allows the beauty, size, length and any other details of the earrings to be appreciated and seen.

These details are appreciated even more when they get to complement your outfit,skin tone, and stature. Here, there is no other piece of jewelry competing  for attention. This tends to draw in who ever that, looks at these earrings.

I would advise that petite persons should adhere to this. If you need to wear more jewelries with these earrings, it should be on your fingers, wrist or ankles as the case maybe, not close to the earrings. So go ahead and rock your favourite colours and styles and let me know if this is helpful!

Thanks for your time!

                                                                 Linda Aliogo


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