Sunday 2 November 2014

Fulfill Jewelry in BeadStyle Magazine Competition

Yes! Our piece is now up for voting in the BeadStyle Magazine competition which started on the 1st of November.  We would really LOVE if you could support us by casting your votes here and also share with your friends and loved ones. The competition will run for the next 2 weeks so voting and commenting ends on the 14th of November. You can automatically be redirected by clicking the widget on the side of our blog. 
Please show your support by:

  1. Clicking this link where you will be redirected to our entry:
  2. You need to register in order to vote so you can sign up or simply use a "Facebook Login" (much easier and it takes less than 5 mins) then follow the instructions from there 
  3. Once you're logged in, just click "Save Vote" below our entry and you're done!

 Comments are encouraged and very welcomed but only votes count. You can also vote daily for the next 2 weeks. Please support and vote for us to get through as we are very excited about this competition and we simply cannot do it without you :)

Now, a  little talk about the piece! This set was made for a lady that needed something very unique for a wedding she was attending! We agreed on the colour combination of champagne, gold and silver crystals, the weaving pattern and length all customized to fit her outfit. I started and eventually completed the set. I tell you, I fell in love with it (well just like

I sent her the picture and I was humbled by her comments. I mean, this is a set she has not yet seen....what fulfillment and joy I felt! One of the reasons I love what I do!

Enough of the talk!

A photo she sent us of her outfit... So sweet!

That's it folks, please support and make it happen for us. More goodies on the way!
Really happy to be back! 
Linda Aliogo

Friday 31 October 2014

Birthday Exclusive: Purple and Wine

I must apologize for the long absence, its simply because a lot of things happened to be in my plate and I had to take them a piece at a time! I really missed sharing  what I have been up to and I'm going to jump right at it!

I did quite a lot of sets these passed months, from birthday to bridal and other occasional sets. And I most confess, I learnt a lot and enjoyed every bit of it.

Here, I'm going to share two sets I made for a lady in Ireland!. She wanted something loud, and outstanding for her birthday. Something unique to go with her two outfits for the day. Her first outfit was purple gele with silver blouse and purple wrapper and of course, she wanted the beads in the same colours! The second outfit was wine and gold with wine gele.

It was really a big deal as she has not really celebrated in this magnitude. It was a special day as she was celebrating a huge milestone ( special age) in her life and wanted to look her best.

I was excited and as usual nervous! I mean, she is in Ireland and  I'm in Nigeria . So our only means of communicating was on the phone and texts messages. As usual, I took her along with every step during the making of the jewelries till I finished them.

I must say, the wine and gold  set was an eye opener and  challenging! It took me a LOT of time and thinking but, I did pull through.

So, I present to you...
                                              The Purple and Silver Set

The Wine and Gold Set
The wine was a huge challenge but really glad with the outcome.

Love to hear from you!

Linda Aliogo

Sunday 25 May 2014

Bridal Set

I was excited when I happened to be making this jewelry for a bride. The reason for the excitement is not because this is my first time I'm working with a bride, far from it. It's simply because its outside the shores of Nigeria!

I mean for someone to entrust me in her bridal wardrobe team without meeting me in person was touching and also exciting! The bride-to-be is in far away Canada! We interacted regularly and finally came up with the design of the jewelry that complements her outfit and her colours.

The design was challenging and time consuming but hey, that added to the excitement. I worked tirelessly and took her along every step as I created the jewelry. Eventually, I finished it and both of us were excited, happy and fulfilled!

I'm glad to present to you, the bridal set!

Monday 5 May 2014

Multi-Strands: More Colours and Designs

The multi-strands have come to stay in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Its trendy and a design that complements our traditional style, custom and heritage. Here are more designs I created. Enjoy!

Saturday 22 March 2014

Burgundy/Wine Multi-Strand Set

This set came alive when I decided I had to do something different, unique with multi-strand sets I have come to be working on in recent time. I must say its been an interesting one because I have come to learn along the way.

The large oval wine crystals have been in my collection for a while (bought it when I had a custom order that was cancelled).  The other burgundy/wine smaller crystals were also in my collection as well as the silver crystals. I didn't need to buy any thing because I had all I needed.

I devoted some hours to it (not mentioning my challenges of balance and fitting)  and this was the outcome!

What outfit would you rock this set with? What do you think?

Thursday 30 January 2014

Stones and Beads: Any Difference?

When people show interest in any of my jewelries, some of them ask
"What stone is this?"
"Are they stones or beads?"
So, is there any difference between these two terms or they are just the same? Well, there are...

I have decided to clarify certain things which many people mix up and don't really know much about. Even those in the jewelry world here are not excluded.

I would start with "stone". This is a short form or an abbreviation for "gemstone". 

What are gemstones?

Gemstones (also known as precious or semi-precious stones) are minerals found in various forms cut and polished, used to make jewelries.Most gemstones are hard, rare and expensive. These are cut into different shapes and sizes for jewelrymaking. They are also graded based on their colours, shapes, sizes which in turn affects the price. Examples are pearls, diamond, corals, ruby etc.

On the other hand, beads are small pieces of glasses, stones or similar materials used to make jewelries or sewn on clothes.However,these beads can come also in gemstones. This means they can be cheap (if they are plastics, certain crystals or glass) or expensive(gemstones or high end crystals like swarovski).

For instance, crystals come in different grades(qualities) with the best quality being swarovski crystals. Next to that is the czech crystals followed closely by chinese crystals. The higher the quality, the longer the shine, colour beauty and sparkle!

So beads and beaded jewelries can be passed from generation to generation if they are stones or high end crystals! When next you come across beads and beaded jewelries, you are better informed on their differences and quality.You are also now more aware on what you are bargaining or hoping to buy.

Linda Aliogo


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