Sunday 25 October 2020

Education And Manual Skills

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From the day we are born, we begin to learn. We learn how to sit, crawl, talk, potty train, etc. Learning becomes a constant and we keep gathering knowledge from our parents, loved ones, community, and the environment.  
As we get older, some of us are introduced to formal education, which happens within the four walls of a physical school with a curriculum, rules, and regulations. The goal being to be educated, which I believe it's the dream of many.

There is a widespread idea that "proper education" can only be acquired or happen in a school institute. For me, education is simply a combination of what we learn from our home, community, and environment. Formal education, which happens within a classroom setting, is simply one aspect of the learning system. This brings us to the discussion of today's article: 

Manual Education.
This is an underrated and honestly, an underrespected niche of education. Most people see manual jobs/ skillsets as local and mediocre in comparison to a 'white-collar' education. However, the truth is a lot of us can not afford to graduate from tertiary institutions and gain employment with reputable establishments locally or internationally. Acquiring knowledge outside the professional field of knowledge that requires you to use your hands will always be a useful skill. There are a lot of youths with university degrees but no jobs in today's economy. What does a degree holder with no employment do?  Seek employment elsewhere or gain more degrees? This will still bring you back into the same unfruitful market.  Or will one wait for an opportunity to spring up? 

While waiting, how are you meeting your financial needs? 

Apart from the economic difficulties degree- holders might face in today's economy, if we are being honest, you can't  ONLY become rich by bagging a degree. Cases like this have proven that one is able to see and benefit from the importance of the manual skills they might have picked up on the side while also pursuing their formal education. Manual skills aren't expertise that should be pursued by those who can not afford formal education. Others may also choose to pursue Manual education because they believe formal education is not for them. This doesn't make them less ambitious in pursuing their goals and dreams than their fellow citizens in institutes. 

Success and making a living can be pursued through multiple different routes, and as long as one is able to earn enough money to cater to their needs, what form of education or skill set they followed should not be an issue. 

So its imperative to get these skills in any area of your passion or interest: Hairdressing, sewing, and fashion designs, make- up artistry, jewelry making and designs, carpentry, barbing, electrical/technical skills, photography, shoe/bag making, etc.

This becomes handy when the certificate isn't yet forthcoming with opportunity. You sustain yourself with these vocational skills while waiting for the big break! Who knows it can be so lucrative it may become a full-time job. For instance, T.Y. Bello, s renounced photographer who's a graduate and my humble self I got my Master's degree at the University of Lagos but today I'm following my passion of designing abd creating  jewelry.  

My point here is to get into any skill you love as a backup! This is your fall back plan! You never know where/when you will need it or where it will take you to. Acquire as much as you can just like your university degrees! 

Do not underestimate yourself or any profession based on the type of work they do. A lot of you are still young and you do have abundant time. 

Manual skills are NOT only for poor people or the less- privileged. They are useful SKILLS and it's very important to invest equally in both formal and vocational education or whichever is more attainable.

With the current situation in the country. Take care of yourself and be safe again!
Love. Peace. Light.


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