Sunday 25 May 2014

Bridal Set

I was excited when I happened to be making this jewelry for a bride. The reason for the excitement is not because this is my first time I'm working with a bride, far from it. It's simply because its outside the shores of Nigeria!

I mean for someone to entrust me in her bridal wardrobe team without meeting me in person was touching and also exciting! The bride-to-be is in far away Canada! We interacted regularly and finally came up with the design of the jewelry that complements her outfit and her colours.

The design was challenging and time consuming but hey, that added to the excitement. I worked tirelessly and took her along every step as I created the jewelry. Eventually, I finished it and both of us were excited, happy and fulfilled!

I'm glad to present to you, the bridal set!

Monday 5 May 2014

Multi-Strands: More Colours and Designs

The multi-strands have come to stay in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Its trendy and a design that complements our traditional style, custom and heritage. Here are more designs I created. Enjoy!


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