Sunday 2 November 2014

Fulfill Jewelry in BeadStyle Magazine Competition

Yes! Our piece is now up for voting in the BeadStyle Magazine competition which started on the 1st of November.  We would really LOVE if you could support us by casting your votes here and also share with your friends and loved ones. The competition will run for the next 2 weeks so voting and commenting ends on the 14th of November. You can automatically be redirected by clicking the widget on the side of our blog. 
Please show your support by:

  1. Clicking this link where you will be redirected to our entry:
  2. You need to register in order to vote so you can sign up or simply use a "Facebook Login" (much easier and it takes less than 5 mins) then follow the instructions from there 
  3. Once you're logged in, just click "Save Vote" below our entry and you're done!

 Comments are encouraged and very welcomed but only votes count. You can also vote daily for the next 2 weeks. Please support and vote for us to get through as we are very excited about this competition and we simply cannot do it without you :)

Now, a  little talk about the piece! This set was made for a lady that needed something very unique for a wedding she was attending! We agreed on the colour combination of champagne, gold and silver crystals, the weaving pattern and length all customized to fit her outfit. I started and eventually completed the set. I tell you, I fell in love with it (well just like

I sent her the picture and I was humbled by her comments. I mean, this is a set she has not yet seen....what fulfillment and joy I felt! One of the reasons I love what I do!

Enough of the talk!

A photo she sent us of her outfit... So sweet!

That's it folks, please support and make it happen for us. More goodies on the way!
Really happy to be back! 
Linda Aliogo


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