Wednesday 26 May 2021


 Hello, Lovelies

It has been quite a while! Hope you're keeping safe and doing good.

Today, I felt like sharing this topic with you: crying. 

Life is a journey and our paths are filled with challenges. With this, we are made to cry for one reason or the other. 

Crying is a way we express our feelings by shedding tears. It is associated with various emotions- pain, anguish, sorrow, torture, frustration, and even joy! 

It shows that side of us many do not come to see often. It shows our inner self and vulnerability. Now, some may think that's too much to show. This makes most of us hold back our tears or do it in secret!

Do we really need to cry?

Yes, we do. It's very important to cry! It's good for us!

Most of us are taught NOT to cry. As it reveals too much we care to show. This way, we learn to mask our feelings, our emotions, in hopes of looking strong and in control. In the process, we become hard. This goes on for many years...from childhood to adulthood. We feel like.....Ok!  We are unbreakable!..... We are unshakeable!....... We can take this!

Thinking we've done ourselves some service.....but have we?

In a way, YES for being in control. But looking back all these years, NO, because having bottled up many emotions without letting them out has made us become hard and cold to our feelings and other people and their feelings. 

It is emotionally, mentally, and physically unhealthy. This is one of the major reasons our overall well-being is on a fast decline and the suicidal rate on the increase.

For our men, this is so common as they are taught not to cry. That crying is for little children and women who are presumably believed to be naturally weak. 

Well, that is a wrong and a false notion. 

Crying is a natural thing.  It's human nature. God has a reason for putting it inside of us. Both male and female. There's is a purpose for it. It's not a mistake or defect on the human race by Mother nature. So no matter what you believe, know that it's there for our good. The tears, crying is good for us.

Crying helps to reduce stress, cardiovascular diseases and stabilises our minds and emotions. 

Let us all engage in crying when we need to. Pour it all out and feel better.

One more for the men, let the sons know it's okay to cry as adults. It happens when life sucks or soars!

I'm not in ANY WAY saying we should cry for the slightest reason. Rather, it shouldn't be perceived as WEAK. 

It's our own way of relieving ourselves from the hustle of life. A way of emptying the toxins and cleaning up the body and soul. A way of regenerating. A way of managing our mental state to keep us stable and sane. 

Crying is therapeutic.  Crying is recommended as So feel free to cry and get back to life and living. 

Love. Peace. Light always.


 Hello, Lovelies It has been quite a while! Hope you're keeping safe and doing good. Today, I felt like sharing this topic with you: cry...