Saturday 26 January 2019

Statement With Your Fur

Top of the day lovelies! Hope the week has been good to you. If yes, can you share one of your highlights; remember, this is suppose to be an interactive blog. If not, any lessons learnt? Get up, dust yourself, and do it right this time!

OK! Have you said or heard someone say "they made a statement"?  or "want to make a statement"? Well, I believe you have. What are the reasons for making statements? To be different from the crowd, to be noticed and admired, to be the center of attention, be powerful and present, feel good about oneself etc... Kindly add yours in the comment box.

Keeping this in mind, when we apply this into the context of what we wear, you can agree with me that making statements goes hand-in- hand with how we portray ourselves. How we look or try to make a statement depends on the occasion and how you feel . If you're going for a job interview you dress to look smart and on top of your game. You could do this by wearing a crisp suit or shining your shoes till they reflect like mirrors. Every individual has what they term as "statement " This is why I'm bringing to you this "statement piece" from our collection. Very beautiful, bold and stylish! Don't we all love to be classy! It comes in a variety of  colours and it goes with western and traditional outfits, depending on how you choose to  rock it. If you want to know how to match it with these modes of dressing, let me know in the comment box as well.

Incidentally,  this beading pattern is called fur, which  agrees with making statements. Fur in the 20th century and even now shows class and luxury, which is exactly what this set conveys. Below you can find pictures of how I chose to 'fur' myself with this beautiful set. What are you waiting for? If you're done feeding your eyes  order yours now and join me in making a statement. Share with me, how you would wear this.

Love always!


  1. Beautiful piece indeed. Personally will prefer making my own statement in trado wear.

    1. Of course, we have to represent who we are any given time. Nobody can do it better. But would you have rocked it if given the opportunity in a western outfit? ☺


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