Thursday 20 December 2018

Bond Earrings: United We Share

Another reason why it's special is because of the number 3 and what it stands for. 3 represents love, perfection or completion which complements closeness and bonding

    I'm going to share a personal story with you today. I grew up with my grandma and looking back to those days bring fond and sweet memories. My grandma was an industrious and beautiful being (both in and out). She was accommodating and encouraged me to take my education seriously and the power it holds for our future even though she, herself, wasn't educated. This was one of the many other things she did to make sure we were on the right path. Personally,when I look back,I remember the daily chores I was subjected to do. Oh! how I hated Today I appreciate those things and I thank God she brought me up the old traditional way; what they term "old school".

    She lived a fulfilled life and passed away in 2017 at a very ripe age of  96! Leaving behind  many children, grand and great grand...what a blessing! Not just her biological children, however, she had adopted and acquired children cutting across different generations! Now, why this story? I shared a very close relationship with her and even loved her more when, I got married, had kids and started understanding how life is! Her words of wisdom, advice and views about things helped shape me. I remain eternally grateful for that and I pray I'll be able to touch lives the way she did (in my own little way) and keep her legacy going on.So help me God, Amen!!

    This beautiful bond I shared with her gave birth to my BOND EARRINGS which is in honour of her.  Another of  my little ways to keep her legacy alive. It's a simple set of earrings; 3 pairs, similar in design but not the same length. These earrings were made for people who share special bond: Mothers and daughters, Sisters, Besties, Role models/ Mentors....anyone you share a very close relationship with.  So you're able to carry around a physical/ sentimental representation of those special people who influenced you, and without them, the story of your life is incomplete get the drift?

   This is a limited edition, created based on customers'preferences. Also, If possible, share your story on why you need these lovelies just like I did!
Note: colours vary!

Thank you for reading and I will love to hear from you because united we stand and share with our Bond Earrings!

Cheers to that!


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