Thursday 19 December 2019

Silver: What You Don't Know

Silver is a chemical element. It's has an atomic number of 47. Silver is a soft white metal that exhibits conductivity and reflectivity. In ts natural state, it's mined just like other precious metals like gold, platinum etc.

The physical properties of Silver makes it suitable for a varieties of uses amongst which is jewelry making which is the focus of this post. This is used in many jewelries today. In its pure form it's known as Fine Silver (99.9%). It's soft and is not suitable for ALL types of jewelry designs. Now, when mixed with alloys (other types of metals), you have what's called Sterling Silver.

Sterling Silver varies just like the type and amount of alloys used vary. For instance, we have what's known as .925 sterling silver, what this means is, there are 92.5% of Fine silver and the rest percentage is made up of  an alloy. This combination makes it stronger than the pure silver otherwise known as Fine silver.

Now, a lot of people (including myself till I knew) don't really place much value on this metal when used in jewelry. The jewelries are not really appreciated in its worth as others (like gold).


Simply because we think since its prone to tarnish its life span is short and it's no longer useful. Well, you're absolutely wrong!  It was a pleasant surprise to discover that you can recover and polish oxidized and tarnished sterling/fine silver jewelries! Yes, looking good as new and worn over and over again like the more expensive counterpart (gold).

Silver jewelries can in fact be redesigned, melted and recreated into new designs of your choice! Yes, they are not useless when they tarnish! This is where a Metalsmith comes in.  So if you have old, tarnish/rusty silver jewelries please don't discard or throw away!!

Once you're able to show the labels or papers that show what kind of silver jewelry it is ( very important for the Metalsmith). This will help determine how best to reclaim and bring the pieces to life!

Remember, we work with this metal for custom pieces, that's our luxury brand (Fulfill Jewelry Luxe). You name it, you order and we create it.

Questions...let's know below.

Peace, Love and Light Always!


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