Friday 27 March 2015

Red Alert: Single vs Double

You  may have noticed in my blog that I work with a lot of red... Deliberate or coincidence?! I can only tell you that the occasion and the customer actually determine the colour of choice.

Another reason, I believe is the versatility of the colour, you can combine red with some many other colours and it would just pop! Bringing out the beauty of the jewelry itself and the outfit.

The design here is basically tubular net and they are all in red, yes red, combined with gorgeous brooches according to the style, taste and occasion of the customer. I must tell you each of these was fulfilling and exciting to make.

There are two styles to this design, the single and the double layer, each standing out and unique. The brooches actually added more glamour to the entire sets and I must say, its definitely a good thing to stand out with your jewelry!

Here are the single styles with different brooches.

And the  double styles with brooches.                                                                                   


And all three together....                                                                                                                            

    Your thoughts...please drop them in the comment box below. Thanks.

 Linda Aliogo                                             

Saturday 21 March 2015

Knot Your Colour and Style

I decided to be a bit experimental and carefree with this design as it was ordered by a new customer who wanted something that is effortlessly stylish!

Something she can change just like her outfit to reflect her style at that point in time. A set she can knot that has colours and simplicity blended to reflect her taste.

Honestly, I was a bit reluctant because I thought it would be monotonous and boring, but she insisted and I obliged. Here, a  lot of 4mm crystal rondelles were used. A few 6mm crystal rondelles were equally usedat the tail ends. Also used  were some cone shaped beads. In between each bead was Preciosia czech seed beads.

Total length is about 64inches  per strand and they were 8 of them. When completed, the 8 strands where knotted and here is the result!

Do I love it? Well, let me hear from you first! How would you knot your?!

Linda Aliogo

Tuesday 17 March 2015

3 Varieties of Gold and Freshwater Pearls

I think its not very late to say Happy New Year! I  hope things are going well with you! For me, a lot has really happened and I will just get right at it!

I  worked with some freshwater pearls and G.L. gold balls to create a 5-layer necklace set. I wanted to play with the combination to see how it turned out and I did love it!

The necklace was finished with a matching brooch and earring. Here, 3 varieties/designs were created by changing the brooches! Every set has its own beauty and uniqueness that its really hard to pick a favourite.

All in all, I just loved every piece as each of them has finally found a home. And I guess both the jewelry and the buyer are equally as happy and fulfilled as I am.

Enough of the talk, here they are! Please share with me your favourite and why? I would love to hear from you!    Enjoy!

Linda Aliogo


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