Tuesday 6 September 2011

How to Keep In Shape After Having Children

Have you gone back to your wedding pictures? Can you now compare the person in the album to the current one? Do you actually recognize yourself when you look in the mirror?.

 “I don’t have time.” “It’s in the family.” “Diet does not work for me.” “I can’t exercise.” And the list goes on…. I just want to ask you some questions. Do you really like yourself now? Are you really happy with your look? Do you want to look the best that you can be? Do you want to reduce the folds on those areas? You know where! As a mother of five children, I just want to be honest and ‘open’ as possible.

No offense here, it’s just that sometimes you need to be realistic if you want to get results. Losing those flabs and going back to your size before marriage or children is very possible. 

You need to ask yourself the reason why you want to embark on this ‘journey’. I did ask myself. Do you know my answer? I was too young to ‘condemn’ myself to wearing bou bou (free-flowing traditional dress) and loose-fitting clothing all my life. I was not happy. I loved body-fitting and well-shaped clothes. I have seen other women who have kids like me wear these clothes. I wanted to be like these women who have kids and still looked good. I took this decision when I had my third child. He was a large baby. After delivery, everything just didn’t go back to size at all!

My husband was not comfortable with this look. He would chip in once in a while that I should start a work out plan. Since I was not ready, I didn’t really LISTEN until I DECIDED, this is it!

I made the decision and consciously made effort to workout. I started by walking on my duplex stairs at home way back then. I would time myself for an hour and complete this routine. I went further to get a workout DVD. I picked the workout that didn’t need so many things or gadgets. A DVD you just slot in and you are ready to go. I began with three times a week and I must tell you I was enjoying the whole process because I did choose a workout that I liked! I went further to get more DVDs, eventually, bought treadmills, stationary bike, dumb bells and so on.

I went further to cut down on my fizzy drinks. I used to take a bottle of malt drink daily. I reduced it to three times a week. The days I worked out I rewarded myself with it. I continued working out. When I started to notice the flab melting off, I was encouraged. I continued to cut down on my fizzy drinks and introduced homemade juice. I buy fresh fruits and make fresh juices without preservatives and sugar. This was simple, delicious and more important, healthy and this aided in my getting back to shape.

I tried to eat dinner before 8pm. This was very difficult for me to adhere to. But since I was getting positive results, I held on. I also introduced a lot of vegetables into my meals. I ate a lot of vegetable salad but without the dressing. I actually came up with this idea and decided to swap my salad dressing with sweet corn. After tossing together the different types of vegetables, I added sweet corn. I take it as a full meal with grilled chicken and fish. If you must have dressing, you can try out olive oil and apple cider vinegar.

I must remind you that it was not a day’s journey. I had my ups and downs but, I continued. There were occasions where I did take some ‘time out’ but, I remained determined and did go back to my exercise routine after the break. You must really WANT to be back in shape, that is the driving force to keep you going.

Today, I am a mother who is comfortable with the way she looks. I am not saying I am perfect but I am comfortable. And complements from people really adds the right amount of icing to the cake. It feels good when you are complemented on how good you look especially after working so hard to get there. You are not trying to look sixteen but to look and feel good about yourself, wear what you want without looking awkward. Have confidence in yourself and most importantly be healthy and fit ( although I am just mentioning it only now).
You may not share your jeans trousers with your daughter like I do but the point is being happy with yourself. As a wife and a mother, being happy with yourself would rub off on your family in a positive sense. Do not procrastinate again. 
Start NOW! 
You can do it!  I would love if you can share your experiences.

“For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength”- Phil 4:13
“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals” – Zig Ziglar
Talk to you soon!
Aliogo Linda


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