Wednesday 1 August 2012

The Power Of Thinking

I was working out one evening and I got thinking. My thoughts were random as I continued jogging. Then, like an electric wave (in my brain) this question pop up

 “If I’m in control of my 24 hours once yearly, what would I do or achieve?”

I stopped jogging and started walking. I was thinking and I could not come up with any answer. It surprised me because I just didn’t know what I could do with such power!

My heart was wondering trying to figure out what the answer was but to no avail. I could not answer this question so I posted it on my status on a social network, there was no answer! I guess people were clueless just like myself. This question kept me thinking for days and weeks.

Finally, after some weeks I was able to get an answer to this question. With this experience, I came to understand why self discovery is difficult and equally important. I also came to understand why certain things like questions in our lives are difficult to explain, describe and answer. I understood that sometimes we have more questions than answers in life. That questions that get you thinking are like paths that lead to discovery (it could be self discovery). This path of discovery leads you to these answers (which may be solutions to challenges in our  lives). That is the power in thinking.

I realized when we give much thought to any question that pose as challenge, we could actually figure out solution to them by thinking through.

This is not the same as worrying. When you are worried, you are not thinking about getting a solution. You are only killing yourself with stress and maybe high blood pressure.

When you think, you want answers. You are focused on the question which may be a challenge in your life. However, when your worry you are not focused on getting answers, rather you are creating more problems. You are complicating the question you are seeking answers to.

We all have some questions yet to be answered. But one thing I learnt from this experience is going the extra-mile in trying to get answers. Tasking our brain just a little more could help!

And the reward – did I tell you how exhilarating it was? It felt real good when I figured out my answer

Believe me, giving just a little more thought to that question or challenge could actually invoke that power of thought that are innately in us. You have that power in you. It is just left for you t reach in deep and tap it. As for the answer to the question, check out my next post

I would be glad if you can share any experience that invoked the power of thinking in you. 

Drop a comment and let’s talk.

"Clear thoughts produce clear results"- Remez Sasson

"I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me"- Phil 4:13

Linda  Aliogo

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