Sunday 26 August 2012

Rebirth Of Old Jewelries

Old jewelries can be boring and dull. Looking at them could be unpleasant as you maybe clueless as to what and how to use them. Maybe you have thought about giving them out or even selling them; if only they have second hand value.

Some of these old jewelries maybe highly valuable if they do have considerable high level of gold. Others may not worth much. 

 If you are considering the trends, these jewelries may not still be hot. But these are jewelries you love, you have an emotional attachment to- perhaps it was given to you by a loved one which you intend to keep for a long time. Jewelries you have worn over and over again simply because you love them. Even jewelries that looking boring and old that you don’t know what to do with them.

But wait...before you take any  harsh decision, have you thought about rebirth?

Yes, rebirth, bringing these old jewelries back to life again!  Making  them trendy and usable again!

Bringing back to life old jewelries is easy! Spending a fraction of money and being creative is key to rebirth of these jewelries. This is what you do. They can be re designed and created into more trendy and timeless pieces especially the beaded ones. This is by adding beading or jewelry accessories that make them look and feel new and trendy or timeless!

Another way is putting together both old and trendy jewelry pieces together with your outfit. I mean, mix and match old and new designs. This would give a vintage feel without necessarily making your look old or boring. It gives you an edge and makes you stand out in a crowd!

For those who are vintage-minded, this could be an avenue to share your story behind such a piece! As you know, people are always interested and fascinated  by vintage collections.

So when next you pull out those old jewelries, do not consider them as useless rather, apply the tips mentioned and bring them back to life. This helps you to preserve those jewelries that you love and hopefully pass  them down to the next generation.

 Enjoy J

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"Collect as precious pearls the words of the wise and virtuous"- Abd-el-kadar

                                                 Linda Aliogo

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