Wednesday 25 July 2012

My Robbery Experience

This is a short story written by my 9 year-old.. Just wanted to share it with you. I hope you enjoy it. Happy Reading!

One misty morning I decided to go shopping in town to buy new shoes. I couldn't decide which pair of shoes so I waited till I got to the shop.

I got to the shop early enough to see the type of shoes that I liked. It was a pink pair of slippers. As I picked it up, I felt something poke me then I looked at a mirror close to me and saw a tall man standing right behind me.  He began to whisper something to my ear.

He said “Don’t try to get attention lady or else I’ll stab you here and now”. I felt like screaming but obeying him was better than dying.

He said again “pick up that diamond at your left, tuck it in your pocket and leave”. I had no idea that there were cameras surrounding me so as I walked out the door, this loud alarm began to ring and I knew they had caught me because it explained all the securities around me.  I tried to explain to the securities that I was forced and threatened with a knife but they said I could explain everything in court.

 When I arrived at court they asked me so many questions that weren't even meant to be asked in this situation. When I got my chance to talk and explain how everything happened, they asked for proof but I had had no proof. The robber disappeared immediately the alarm rang. I told them so but, nobody believed me.

 So I was sentenced to prison for five years for the stealing of a diamond which I had been forced to steal. As I was still trying to think of proof in my cell on how to get out, the answer hit me! Nobody even thought about this!

 When the alarm in the shop rang, it was because cameras were surrounding me so without those cameras, I would have got away with the diamond and then given it to the thief. But that would have been a crime, I would have been guilty.

Immediately, I told the security walking by the cell passage that I had proof. He took me to the judge. I told the judge that I had proof. I was asked what proof I had. I told the judge and he sent some police back to the shop to check the cameras records. They saw the part where I was threatened by the robber. They immediately went back to court and told the judge everything they had seen.

 The police also told the judge that the robber was released from jail some weeks ago. They quickly traced the robber and arrested him while I gained my freedom!

Oh what a happy day for me. JJ



  1. An interesting story and very impressive for a 9 year old. Thank God for freedom at last when all hope was lost.
    Keep it up Ama-rachi. Your parents are not wasting their money at all on your education.

  2. Exactly! I agree! This is amazing!

  3. For her to remember the camera saved her from staying in jail. Thank God for the records!
    Thanks Florence for the warm complements. Glad you enjoyed the story.

  4. Wow Amarachi!! She can even write better than most people past her age. I cant believe it! Very spectacular story, indeed!

    1. I do agree with you Toni. It is an impressive piece, the reason I wanted to share it. Thanks.


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