Tuesday 24 January 2012

7 Ways To Prevent Urine Odour

We are all familiar with the distinct smell of urine. The main cause of this is obviously  the frequent urination in places that absorb this liquid and dry up . For instance, when a child pees on a sofa, on the rug carpet, bed, etc.  Even your pet (dog).This dries up and produce odour that lingers even when the house looks clean!

This is a problem that a lot of homes are facing today!

Do you know you can actually prevent this embarrassing situation from occurring? How?

Here are some suggestions:

Daily Washing
Once you have a baby, be prepared! From changing the diaper to the baby clothes and beddings, you must be washing daily.  Do not store soiled napkins, dirty baby clothes in a laundry bag for days rather, they should be washed every day. If you must soak the clothes overnight, leave them at your balcony (backyard), add a lot of water and antiseptic. This would help to reduce the smell.

Remove the Carpet
If you do have tiles on your floor, then you do not need that carpet. Due to spills and leaks from kids, the carpet becomes soaked and smells. It becomes more difficult to maintain if there is constant urination from the kids. You know you can’t predict these kids! Its when you ARE LEAST prepared it happens!

So remove the carpets and simply mop away the leaks with a mop. I t dries faster and you don’t have to worry about any smell.

Mop with Disinfectant
When mopping, always add a capful of bleach to your water. This helps to kill germs and bacteria as well as eliminate any form of odour. You can also use any disinfectant of your choice.

Protective Covering on the Bed
For the beds, add water resistant cover underneath the bed sheet for the kids. This is simply to prevent the urine from getting absorbed into the mattress. Wash the beddings immediately when they are wet.

Potty Training
Start the potty training as quickly as possible. Its not easy as kids do not co-operate! Trust me I have been there! But you must be consistent and persistent! that’s just the only way they would get to learn and stop peeing just anywhere.

Have a particular time you put them on the potty, let’s say in the morning before bathing, in the afternoon after lunch and at night before bedtime. They may resist at first but, with time they would start co-operating with you!

Make Announcements
Ask regularly if they would like to pee or use the toilet. Reminding them all the time would make them to be conscious of it. This would help to reduce the accidental leaks!

Use Trainers/Pull Ups
For your toddlers, make them wear trainers. These are like pants with a lot of absorbing pads. It could come as disposables or cloth. Its gives them the freedom of wearing a “pant” to bed without the worry of bedwetting which causes odour. 

Another great alternative is use of diapers. This would also do the job only that the you have to remove it and wear it again.

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  "There is nothing like an odour to stir memories"- william McFee


  Aliogo Linda

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