Saturday 28 January 2012

Self Improvement for Housewives

You have been married for quite a while and there are three children to show for it. You have graduated from the university some years back and did actually study a course that would fetch you a job anyway.

After seven years of marriage, you have nothing to show for your academic qualifications because your husband foots all the bills.

At first, you were contented with the fact that you are not bothered about hunting for a job, getting up early and getting home late. The children keep you bust-school runs, cooking, homework and general upkeep of the house
I bet you can’t even remember your certificate or even think of getting a job anyway soon!

Life is good!

Then one day, yo realize that many years have gone by, the reflection of the person in the mirror is not you. Or is it YOU? You wonder and question yourself…

This is because you are JUST realizing that you have been doing the same thing over the years, and you do want a change!

You have been out of the employment market for years that you virtually don’t know anything about the current situation. You have never run any business in your life, yet you want to get up and do something!

Does this picture fit you?

You pick up the issue with your husband and he does listen. Then he asks you “what do you want to do?” You keep quiet and starts thinking on what to reply, shockingly, you realized you have no answer!

You tell him “You would tell him later”. This is when you realize again, you have a problem…actually a crisis on your hands!

You cannot simply make up your mind on one business that you want to embark on. You start making enquiries, researches and getting g information from everywhere possible. You just can’t put a finger on the exact thing to do.

Dear husband may be kind enough to suggest one or two things but, you do know that those things are not really for you.

What do you do?

I have been in that situation and I believe these tips would help housewives in this situation to figure out exactly what works for them.

How much time do you really have and what type of business can you run from the house or outside.

Go for what gives you fulfillment. This may be easy to figure out. It may also be a soul-searching task. You must be able to ask yourself what hobbies give you satisfaction that you can turn into business if you so pleases.

As you know, what you have passion for do not really feel like work, because you enjoy doing it. This may take just a few days to many years (as in my case). You really need to be critical, patient and do not despair.

Whatever you decide, be sure and start preparing for competition. You are not the only person in that business. So you should be ready to give it your best.

Research and research and research. This is for you to be grounded and understand better what you are going into.

You may need little or huge capital, depending on your interest.

Hard work
You must be prepared to work hard if you want to succeed. Be consistent.

With all things are possible. Do not ignore this as your faith would keep going. Involve Him at every stage.

“But my God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus”-Phillipians 4:16

“You can do it if you believe you can”- Napoleon Hill

                                       Linda Aliogo

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