Saturday 9 March 2013

Spirals: One Pattern, Four Designs

There is always a first time for everything.  Not being an exception, I happened to be happy with my experience. This is it, how do you recreate a particular beading pattern in four different ways? This is a pattern I worked on years back. At first, I was concerned because I have not made any new jewelry with it. I couldn't remember the exact way it works. I had to go back to my notes and do a little research.

I just didn't want to repeat an old design with this pattern. I wanted to show an improvement in the design. To show growth and development in my creativity as well as show some of the current trends, colours and designs all put together. It was challenging and I was ready to give it a fair shot!

I gathered my materials and got to work. The first design was in Purple, different shades of purple. The beads were in different sizes too. I used crystals, to give it that sparkle, nothing over the top.Two different sizes and colours of seed beads were used here.
At first, I wasn't sure of the spirals (the look of the pattern and design), it was different and interesting. I continued, anxious to see the final look. And I did! Here it is! (The picture above).

The second was made with black and blue-black beads. This particular design was different from the purple as you can see. There is also a touch of gold seed beads to add some brightness to the piece. The gold colour helped to accentuate the overall black giving it an interesting feel.  I loved the simplicity of the earrings too. Goes with anything, with or without the necklace.
This is so cool, like ice, if you ask me. I used two shades of light blue, and the seed beads in the a similar shade but with tiny sparkles of different colors like a subtle rainbow. I didn't want to leave the entire necklace plain like the other two. This is because it was too uniform for me, in terms of the colours. So, I added those three indigo blue rondelles in  front. This really popped out and gave the design a very nice look. Really classy look.

I guess I saved the best for last. Well, this is debatable though. All the beads have gold accent with a touch of whitish silver along the spirals in the middle. This is one piece that gave the most sparkle compared to the rest. The earrings where different too.( I tried to make four different earrings to go with all of them.)

Each of them had what made them stood out. I'm equally happy that, I took up this challenge to make all these. An interesting thing about all four of them is their versatility in terms of wearing them. They go with both western and traditional wears. You can match the necklace with another pair of earrings. You can equally do that with the earrings, they can go with another necklace or wear alone.

All four are sold out and I'm working on two new designs at the moment. I would give you a feedback on that soon.

Let me know which is your favourite.


"Choose your love, love your choice"- Thomas S. Monson

Linda Aliogo

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