Wednesday 30 January 2013

Hands of Time

During the last holidays, I showed my 2 young daughters an adventure I had the opportunity to embark when I was their age. An adventure that is relatively not known any more all because of  'modern lifestyle'. It's really sad that these things are fading away. I just wonder and wish I could actually take back the hands of time...

Let me tell you what I'm talking about...this adventure.

Way back when I was about 7 years old, I used to prepare and 'cook' delicious meals outside in the open at home with my siblings and friends. We would gather dry sticks and use it as firewoods, make our tripod stands with stones and broken cement blocks and then use empty tins of beverages as cooking pots.

We gathered  foodstuffs by contributing from our homes. After gathering the foodstuffs, we commence cooking our meal. We share the responsibilities- who to wash the rice or any food stuff we have agreed to prepare. Who to pour the water into the pot, slice the onion, who to keep the fire burning  and so on.

It was a lot of hard work as we get to run around in the hot scorching sun with drops of sweat running down our dark skin! Oh when I look back, I just remember how much energy we put into this adventure and just how much it meant to us! How much we enjoyed it!  What pure fun it was!

I still remember how the hot tins ( cooking pots) gradually turns black with smoke. How we burn our fingers as a result of  'fanning' the woods  in other to keep the flame burning. How we cough and have tears run down our eyes because of the thick black blue smoke! How we were so committed and determined to finish cooking our meal. And how proud and accomplished we were when we were done.

When the meal is ready, we then decide who takes who and get down to share it. Most times, we invite our guests, the lizards, chickens and other domestic animals to join us in enjoying our meal. Part of the food is given out to them.

Oh I remember those days and they still put pure  fun and joy to my face. I still smile and reflect...
This is the adventure I did subject my girls to during the holidays. The only difference is that theirs was a bit modernized. After fanning the woods for a while, it never produced enough flame so my little daughter began to complain. So we moved our 'pot' from the tripod stand outside to the cooking gas in my kitchen.

Both of them prepared the ingredients- rice, onions, oil, tomatoes, etc. I helped by adding pepper to the meal. What pure fun they had that day! I still see the commitment and determination I once shared with my comrades way back then. I looked at them and smiled because I knew I felt the same way.

We completed the adventure and their excitement was way  over the board. In fact, I have not rested  simply because they want another round of the adventure!

I 'm glad they had fun and I did it with them!

Today's society is all about gadgets and games. Our kids do not have the opportunity to play in the sand, walk on the streets, cook with fire woods, run around with domestic animals and really experience nature.

This is just one out of many adventures and fun I had when I was a child. I hope to continue doing this and expose them more to such fun and interaction  with the environment.

I loved it! and they did too! I believe we didn't have anything to lose!

Make out time for such adventures with your kids! Believe me, its fun!

Please share with your friends and family and let me hear from you, if you ever embarked on this.

"The purpose of life is to live it; to taste and experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for richer and newer experience"- Eleanor Roosevelt

                                       Linda Aliogo

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