Friday 15 March 2013

Having Fun with Hemp

Hemp. That's an interesting word. Hemp and jewelry even sounds more interesting! So what is hemp?
Hemp is a twine got from a plant, yes cannabis plant.  This is used to make different things like cosmetics, paints, paper and of course jewelry.

 I came across this when I placed an online order for my jewelry accessories. Actually, I was looking for a cord that would replace the one I use for my shamballa bracelets. I wanted to try something new and different.

By the time, I got it, I was shocked with the feel and texture. I liked the colour but then the size was too big for the holes of the shamballa beads! I didn't consider its size (diameter of 3mm) when I ordered, it skipped my mind!

So here I was, stuck with this huge thread, having no clue on what to do with it. I have never seen or heard of  a jewelry made with this cord.

 I left it for a while and continued with other things on my beading table.

Then one day, I decided to use it. I didn't have any beads that the hemp cord would go through. The beads had smaller holes! After much thought, I came up with something! And of course, my first and one of my greatest critics (my kids) liked the design!

What a happy feeling for me! My son took his to school and never brought it back. His friend took it. He told my son, its different from the regular bracelets out there and it looked special!

Since then, I have made more and I have added beads this time! Still hoping to make new and more interesting designs with them. Yes, I really did have fun working with hemp...finally.

Thanks for your time.

"I'm happy to receive any item of jewelry"-Katie Price

                                                                  Linda Aliogo


  1. I loved this blog post! So creative to use the coils. Just genius!

  2. Thank you Feith, I'm glad it's inspirational!


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