Sunday 6 May 2012

You, Your Words and Your Children

I wrote about you, your words and your husband, now I want to talk about the aspect of children.

Children are blessings from God. They complete every home and give us the opportunity to be parents. As parents, we are responsible for their upkeep in every area, be it physical, emotional and spiritual. This is why our role as parents is very important. Our children look up to us in every aspect because we are their first teachers. We nurture them and take care of their needs. We set examples and they try follow and copy our ways and our actions and words.

Words are powerful and dangerous depending on how they are used! As parents, (especially mothers), we play significant roles in our children’s lives. And our words are strong influence on them.

The way and manner we use words in the presence of our children affect their thoughts, actions and behaviour! If we speak gentle and kind words to our husbands, neighbours, friends and colleagues, our children know because they observe us. This would rub off on their own relationship with their peers and friends in school and other places.

As parents, we need to speak positive words as this in turn could have effect on our children remember; the world was created by words!

Cursing, swearing and insulting our children when they are act wrongly should be discouraged. How can you place a curse on your own children? You may say, you do not mean those words but you pronounced them with your mouth and they can come to be- have effect on them because there is power in the tongue- your tongue!  You have heard stories where parents or people placed curses on their children and it actually affected their being.

This attitude should be stopped no matter the provocation!  There is no justification for placing a curse on your own offsprings! So why are you training them to be better and progressive people?   If eventually, you would destroy them with your words- Is it not contradictory to your effort in making them better persons? Please stop it today!

The use of foul and swearing words shouldn’t be tolerated and this begins with you- parents (especially mothers). Learning to speak respectfully to your husband, their father goes a long way to building these children’s character and language used both at home and outside.

Children learn from what they observe. If you are in constant fight and quarrel as couples, what weapons are you using to fight? Of course, the main weapon are words because it starts with them and more often than not, this helps to introduce other tangible weapons l(belts, canes, pestle etc). Even more dangerous weapons like knife, cutlass or even gun!

Meanwhile, your children are watching and listening! By the time the drama is over, can you take back the words spoken and heard by these children? Your answer is as good as mine.

These children would consciously or unconsciously use these words at one time or the other. Then what happens?   You scold and beat them for using such words! Remember, you thought them.

We should learn to focus on building and not destroying them with our words. Mind you, the discussion you have with your friends or colleagues or even neighbours where you run down other people, and only speak negative of others in the presence of your children would teach them exactly the same thing. They would follow suit. They would gossip!

As you know people who gossip do not have anything to offer but jealousy and negativity. The world is already filled with that, so why increase the number?

Show positive examples and mind your words, your language when you speak in their presence. We should encourage our children to speak their minds and not other people’s mind. They should be bold and not bullies. They should be respectful and not rude. They should be innovators and not gossips.

Choose your words wisely and show your husband and children that you are capable of building a strong home with your words and not a weak home with gossip and curses.

Love to hear from you and please tell someone about this blog.


"When words are many, sin is absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise"-  Prov. 29:30

"No man means all he says, and yet very few say all they mean, for words are slippery and thought is viscous- Henry Brooks Adams

Linda Aliogo


  1. Morgan Osazuwa8 May 2012 at 01:50

    very good and incisive piece. I am one to think the foundation of good parenting is rooted in biblical principles though, parents can never go wrong if children are showed love in the real sense of the word and that means being friends with children and being able to use the stick lovingly should the need arise.


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