Friday 13 April 2012

Praying For Our Children

God has giving us the opportunity to talk to Him. That opportunity is through prayers and this is unlimited! Thank God!  Prayer is communication with God. Prayer is when we lift our hearts to God to talk to HIM. It is that time we open up and tell HIM everything and anything... sometimes not with words but with our hearts. 

With the challenges in families today, it is really very important we commit our families especially our children into God’s hand. This is because there is no wrong time or place to talk to HIM- HE is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent! 

 What is committed to HIM is secured, protected, preserved…HE perfects. I am not a pastor, I just write based on my personal experiences and conviction.

Just like us, our children are constantly exposed to all kinds of vices- drugs, alcohol, sex and other forms of addictions  and pressure. This is why we need to protect them and educate them.

One very powerful and effective way of protecting them is through prayers. Praying for our children is a sure way of telling God to help us as parents. We parents are like custodians to these children who are gifts from God.Therefore, its our responsibility to take care of them in every aspect of their lives especially leading them to God.

Praying for their safety, guidance and protection from physical and spiritual attacks help them to become who God has destined them to be! Praying helps you to meet and achieve those goals and dreams in our children’s lives ordinarily would have been impossible to achieve on our own.

Children who are challenged academically, or are just plain stubborn should be taking up in prayers. You may have tried all you believe could work but still failed, then I suggest you just raise them to God in prayers. Call upon HIM anytime of the day and HE would always be there for you. Angry or sickly children should be committed to God’s hands because “HE healeth all disease”.

Speaking positively, declaring prophetic utterances (even if you are not a prophet or pastor), anointing them and involving them in spiritual matters like reading the Bible, church attendance, catechism classes and choir practice  are essential for them. This way, they get to know the importance and the power of prayers.

Personally, I have experienced the power of prayers, so I urge everyone who believes in God to raise their families especially their children to God through prayers. Whatever, the challenges they may face, do not hesitate to tell God about it. And do not give up! There is nothing impossible with HIM. HE handles all situations and nothing is too big for HIM!


“Draw nigh to God, and HE would draw nigh to you”- James 4:8

I have found the greatest power in the world is the power of prayers”- Cecil B. DeMille
                                            Linda Aliogo

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