Tuesday 17 April 2012

Back To School List

The holiday must have been fun!  The kids have been at home eating, drinking and visiting friends and family. For those who travelled, I hope it is been fun too. Getting to see and visit interesting places.

Well, the school is resuming soon and we need to prepare on going back. This means preparing our lists of things required to commence the new term. Our back to school lists.
 Do you have your lists? Well if not, you can check out mine.

Let’s begin with;

  • A very good food flask that keeps food hot
  • A very good drinking bottle that keeps drink cold
  • A bag to pack the essentials (diapers, change clothes, baby wipes, napkins and cutleries)
  • A transparent file or folder for books and homework
  • Basic stationaries ( erasers, pencils, sharpeners , crayons, colour pencils and a stationery bag to pack all these)
 Now to,

  • A  food flask
  • A drinking bottle
  • Stationary bag
  • Stationaries- pencils, pens, colour pencils, crayons, sharpeners, erasers, ruler, mathematical set (depending on the class), poster colours, painting brush for art class
  • School bag
  • Socks 
  • School shoes
  • Sports wears
  • Trainers

Secondary/High School
  • Calculator
  • Mathematical set
  • Stationary bag
  • School bag
  • Sports bag
  • Stationeries
  • Art materials- stapler and pins, markers, glitters, highlighters, water and poster colours, drawing pens and pencils, glue, etc
  • Trainers and soccer booths
  • Swim wears
  • Shoe polish

The school uniform would need to be dry-cleaned at least once every term to maintain its quality and colour. These include the ties, blazers, trouser and shirts. The school bags, sports bags need to be washed and dried if still new and usable The school shoes which include the soccer boots and trainers also need to be washed and polished if required in preparation for the coming term or session.

For boarders or those living in the hostels, different types of cereals, foods and drinks are needed.  Snacks should also be added as well as bottled water.

Also required by boarders are personal grooming materials like toothbrush (at least 3), tooth paste, body cream, hair cream, bath soaps (some antiseptic ones), disinfectant, toilet rolls and other toiletries. 

maintain the hair, a barbing set is needed during visits to the barbing salon. Hair brushes and combs are also required. Other hair accessories like hair bands in acceptable colours in school should be added to the list for the girls. Hair shampoo and conditioner

Sleep wears, like pyjamas (both for boys and girls), towels, bed sheets, bath slippers, under wears and few outing clothes  and shoes shouldn’t be left out in the list.

And yes, some money to be deposited into the school accounts for other things as time goes on.

I believe I have been able to compile a comprehensive list that would work for both parents and  students.

Please let me know if this is helpful.

“Education cost money, but then so does ignorance”- Claus Moser

                                       Linda Aliogo

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