Monday 19 March 2012

Children's Jewelry: What You Must Know

We love to see our children looking beautiful and well dressed with the right accessories – bags, belts, shoes and jewelries.
Buying accessories like jewelries for our children is usually fun as they get to try out and experiment with the different colours, shapes and sizes of jewelries displayed.

But wait!  
Have you ever thought about the content of the jewelries?
What they contain?
 If you are like me (some time ago) then I suggest you get informed!
I never thought about those questions (above) because I didn't really think buying jewelries for my kids is a big deal! After all, I buy them cheap and I do not bother if I have to replace them again for another occasion because they are everywhere!

But you know what? I was dead wrong! I did not know I was exposing my kids to danger! We buy these jewelries from boutiques and clothing shops or even in the local markets as they are mostly imported  from other countries. Now, here is it, they contain a lot of  bright and shining stuffs (blings) and black-like stuffs that add beauty and fun to these jewelries.

Do you know what these blings and black stuffs contain? Well they contain LEAD!
Lead  is an element used in most jewelries, both for adults and children. It is a toxic metal which does not decompose in the environment rather it accumulates in the body.

Lead is used in children’s jewelry to make it heavier and give those blings. It has little or no effect on adults but very dangerous to children! Especially if these jewelries find their way into their mouths either by sucking, licking, swallowing or chewing.  It has been established that most children’s jewelries contain this harmful substance, so beware!

What are the health implications?
Some of them are Emphysema, kidney damage, anaemia, behavioural changes and learning disabilities. Lead poisoning has also been linked to lower I.Q (Intelligence Quotient).

So do be careful when picking up jewelries for your kids (especially those with their favourite characters) .

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“Some choices we live not only once but a thousand times over, remembering them for the rest of our lives”- Richard Bach

Linda Aliogo


  1. This is a really good write up.

  2. Nice work linda, the effect of lead poisoning can easily go undetected, and causes tremendous harm to babies. i hope the attached link would be of help


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