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How to Get Rid of Ugly Shaving/Wax Bumps

Shaving is the removal of hair from the surface of the body. This could be from the head, face, under arms and the body. When shaving, the hair removed is not from the root however, this is different from waxing. Waxing is the removal of hair from the roots. Hair removed through waxing takes longer to grow back when compared to shaving which is short-lived.

People shave or wax for personal reasons. This can be achieved by using shaving blades, shaving creams or depilatory creams and wax. Wax comes in various colours and types.

If you remove hair from the body like I do then you must have experienced some challenges. I am blessed with a lot of hair! So when I eventually started removing hair from my body, I experimented with different methods.

I started with shaving sticks. I used this mostly for my under arms and I did experience those pimple-like bumps a few days after shaving. Then, there comes the itching as the hair began to grow. I also noticed that the hair actually grew very fast. In fact within a week or less, I would have to shave again.

I experimented with waxing. This was when I knew there are different types of wax (tea tree, honey, sugar, etc) and you need to use the one that is suitable for your skin type. I tried tea tree wax (full body wax) and within some days it looked like I had measles!  or cold bumps to say it mildly! Every part of my body was filled with bumps. I must tell you, I was very unhappy with the situation…not to talk about the itching that followed.

The bumps were big and so disgusting. I continued to bear this ‘torture’, hoping to get a solution. The solution did not come any soon and my husband was complaining. He didn’t understand why I have to put myself through this. I could not wear shorts or knee-length skirts or dresses. It was that bad for me!

I stopped waxing for a while and decided to try depilatory creams. It worked very well however, it was only removing hair from the surface, and the effects were short-lived like shaving blades. The bumps reappeared!  though not as bad as the waxing.

I kept using the depilatory cream for months … hoping that my skin would adjust. There was very little improvement.

The bumps just stayed where they were!

I was given up on removing hair from my body. I felt shaving or waxing was not meant for everybody. And the options left for me were electrolysis and laser hair removal. That is If I really need to go that extent!

Once in a while, I would shave my legs if I do have to wear a dress, shave my underarms if I’m wearing a sleeveless. I wanted to have a smooth hairless body but, it was not working for me.I kept looking for what would stop the bumps.
Then one day, I got it!
Not been skeptical, I decided to go ahead to shave again and try out my new solution. I removed all the hair on my body and used my new solution and waited…
I kept using this and I noticed the itching that comes with shaving minimized! It was a pleasant surprise! It was soothing and highly moisturizing that I don’t have to use any other body cream. The skin was smoother and for the first time since I was shaving, the bumps did appear but they were minimal!
 The more I applied this natural moisturizer, the less the bumps, they kept disappearing! right now, I am bumpless (if there is any word like that) and I do have very smooth skin. I have actually swapped my body cream with this moisturizer! I am totally happy and excited with the way my skin feels, thanks to this…
I bet you are dying to know this natural moisturizer! If you have experienced shaving bumps you would understand what I am saying! This can be used for other things.
 Ok, enough of the suspense!
The moisturizer is pure, natural Shea butter! One of my beauty secrets I am sharing with you.
This is applied immediately after shaving. So it doubles as my moisturizer and protector from bumps. Please know most of the shea butter out in the markets is not pure (100%). Of course if its not pure shea butter, the benefits would be adulterated hence would not actually work the way it should!
 So do make sure that it is pure and all natural and not the refined type or the one mixed with other things.
This also works for men who experience bumps on their faces, hair when they shave.  I would be writing about the numerous benefits of shea butter soon…just watch out!
If you are interested in pure shea butter please e-mail me.
If this is useful, please tell your family and friends about this blog.
Thank you again.
"But thanks to God, which giveth the victory through our Lord Jesus" -1st cor. 15:57 
"To succeed, you must first improve,to improve you must first practice, to practice, you must first learn and to learn you must first fail" -Wesley Woo                            
                                    Aliogo Linda

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