Sunday 27 December 2020

Fulfill Jewelry Exhibition

Complements of the Season Lovelies! How are you doing? 

So, we had our Exhibition this month and it took a lot of preparation.  This is one of the reasons I have been apologies though. I didn't really set out to have this because of the obvious challenges of 2020. As we know, things are economically down globally.  However, I just felt there's always never a perfect time to have anything done. You just hope and plan for the best and pray for God's mercy.

The jewelry was the most important ingredient here. I worked day and night to boost the collections and I must say, we had BEAUTIFUL PIECES!...not kidding or boasting. Every piece was tastefully done to satisfy.

December is typically a busy month because of the festivities and trips made to celebrate with distant family members and friends. So a lot of presents and gifts are exchanged. In that spirit, I felt it would be a good time to have an exhibition. In a relaxed and fun place. 

Beautiful venue at the poolside in the very exclusive SpringPark Yaad Hotels and Tours situated in Osborne Foreshore Ikoyi, Lagos. ( An exclusive place for your accommodation and fine cuisines ).

Good music, drinks, and food were served. The press was there to do an interview. 

It was a good day and I'm thankful.  Below are the pictures and links readily available now. 

With this, I want to wish you a happy and prosperous New year.  Cheers to 2021 by HIS Grace!

Be safe!


Click to read newspaper article

Click to read newspaper article


  1. Eunice Omorogieva29 December 2020 at 22:24

    ...true, the year has been filled with challenges and victories, many thanks to God...
    Very nice looking Collections! Congratulations on the Exhibition of your Creative Designs obviously, you have worked really hard for what you have become today and you deserve nothing less than the best. I,salute your energy, determination and Courage. I, love you and am so proud of you. I, pray for more energy, wisdom and inspiration in business, family and life in general and hope 2021 brings you far more blessings than you ever recorded. Best wishes now and beyond.

    1. Your words are truly appreciated. Thank you for your encouragement and support to this blog! Please keep up the good work too and cheers to a happier and better 2021!������������


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