Sunday 30 August 2020

Your Hair is Your Crown

Hello, Lovelies     

How are you doing? 
    Today, I  will be talking about our crowns. Yes, our crowns. As naturalistas, it's kind of hard for us to appreciate our hair and to see the beautyuniqueness and the gift given to us by God. We ignore and shy away from our kinky curls, and sometimes wish it was something else.

Well, I'm here to let you know that there is beauty in our texture, colour, and style. It's what you have been adorned with, it is your crown- a symbol of your heritage- so don't shy away from it. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Beauty comes in different forms and shapes. Beauty comes in different 'crowns' too... 

Be proud of your heritage and who you are and wear your crown with pride.  Cheers to all naturalistas and powerful sisters of colour out there. 

May we know them, may we raise them, may we be them.

Love. Peace. Light.

Above piece courtesy of Fulfill Jewelry!


  1. Eunice Omorogieva1 September 2020 at 06:45

    The trending shift or transition from chemically relaxed to natural hair is applaudable and divine. Honestly, the natural hair movement has its uniqueness- strength and it is attention grabbing. For an African woman, the best way to go is "NATURAL"

    See how gorgeous you look and how well your personality is represented...only natural hair gives One that unique look...I, commend you. Keep keeping it up!

    1. You are right.It's a great thing we are embracing who we are and being comfortable with it. I'm loving the journey and looking forward to how this'crown' will look in another year by HIS grace!. Thanks sis!


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