Friday 24 July 2020

Everyday Style Collection.Vol. 1

Hello dearies!

We are back with some new designs for our Everyday Style lookbook. We are here to serve you and design beautiful pieces that reflect your personality and taste.

You can wear them matched with your traditional or western outfits. They compliment any outfit and occasion!

Enjoy viewing our collection and drop a comment. Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to indulge in any of these pieces, or if you have another style in mind.

Thanks, and be safe!



  1. Nice collection you have here sis... tempt me not😊

    1. me,this is a good temptation. We will be sharing them as we create new designs. Thanks sis

  2. Linda brings her fashionable exquisite taste into making admirable jewelry designs. You see and feel her passion in her product designs. Each piece means so much to her. Keep going, Linda. Well done.

    1. Every woman is unique in her taste, I just strive to keep that experience going. There's no doubt that I love designing and creating beautiful pieces and will always do for any woman that comes to us. Thank you so much Misan��������


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