Sunday 20 October 2013

Top 5 Things People Consider When Buying Jewelry

Being in the jewelry world precisely handmade jewelry, there are different things different people consider when buying any type of jewelry. These are based on needs, choice, taste, sex and more! So what do I consider as top 5 things people consider when buying any jewelry?

People look at cost before any other thing simply because they are on a budget or trying to get the best value for their money. Coming from this part of the continent where labour isn't very expensive, most people look at cost before any other thing. They do not really put jewelry (handmade) as a top priority of the numerous things on their NEED list. So its therefore believe that handmade is suppose to be cheap. This is even more common when its handmade jewelry which is considered to be inferior, hence less appreciated than other types of jewelry.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", a popular cliche. This is true in the jewelry world as people look and consider to buy a piece of jewelry they see appealing. The colours, design, texture, materials used all add up to the final look and beauty of any jewelry. As we know beauty comes in different forms hence the availability of many designs out there. It's a very strong factor for people when buying any type of jewelry.

Quality varies when buying things. This is not different in jewelry world. This depends on your budget and taste.So people look into that as well. A good quality stands the test of time and remain useful for a long time. This you would not find obviously in cheap ones. The materials used help to give you an idea of the quality of the jewelry. For instance, a gold plated jewelry is cheaper than a gold-filled jewelry. A gold-filled jewelry is cheaper than a karat-gold jewelry. The reason is simply because of the quantity of gold in each piece which in turn reflects on the durability, beauty and price at the end of the day.

The jewelries used over half a century are not what we are wearing now. Those are considered vintage pieces. People love to follow trends considered now as fashionable and stylish for today's woman. Another contender when people are buying jewelry. They want to buy what is considered as fashionable, current, new and in vogue! They want to be associated with what is regarded as trendy and popular!

People do not want jewelries that are complex to wear or remove. They don't want any jewelry that need special care or maintenance. They don't want any piece that is uncomfortable, too tight or loose, that breaks or falls apart because you didn't follow the maintenance or care instructions! Rather, they love it easy, simple and comfy!

I believe I have pointed out the 5 most important things considered by a lot of people. Let me know if you think otherwise. Better still, you can share your own top 5!

Love to hear from you, thanks :)

                                                               Linda Aliogo


  1. Very true! Thank you for sharing!

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