Friday 11 October 2013

Behind My Simple Peyote Bracelet

I have always admired and loved the peyote stitch weaving. It has been on my list of things I want to conquer in the beading world. The right time came along, when I watched a tutorial on one of tuhe numerous videos on You-tube. I decided to get my materials for the project.

Having done my research, I knew I didn't have the type of seed beads required to get that perfect finish. I mean  delicas and toho seed beads. So I decided to use what was available locally, that is within my reach! 

I made this decision simply because, I don't want to run out of beads (if I happen to use the ones I get abroad). Another reason, is because I want to be consistent with the same type of beads used for my customers until I have a large stock of the toho and delicas (imported beads) where I would be comfortable.

This took me a long time to get started. I learned about the even count, odd count, decreasing and increasing patterns. I also got to know about the 2-drop, 3-drop, circular , tubular and do I need to mention more!

Please don't get me wrong. I have learnt just the basic pattern which is the even-count. I'm just saying there are alot of variations in this particular stitch depending on the seed bead type and size? Well, yes there are a lot out there! I hope to learn them one after the other, wish me luck!

Anyway, I  kept searching until eventually I found a video that was suitable with what I have on hand, so I took the plunge. I brought out my locally available materials, my clasp, the seed beads were sorted so that I can get those that are uniform in size and I settled down to work on a bracelet

I did. And the result? Here is it, what do you think?



For those interested in trying out this. Here is the LINK

                                                                  Linda Aliogo


  1. But I'm seriously in love with this bracelet though... Absolutely lovely!


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