Tuesday 28 June 2011

Handling Relationship Discussion with Your Daughter

Being blessed with a baby girl is very exciting and rewarding. First, she has all the girly and fanciful stuffs that you can lay your hands on. You know girly stuffs are very attractive and beautiful. You don’t seem to get enough of them. You keep buying! and buying! not realizing you have earlier purchased that exact stuff. You know the pretty stuffs I am talking about, hair accessories, dresses, shoes, pinky socks…

Then within a twinkle of an eye, your little girl blossoms like a beautiful flower. You start realizing, that she is growing up, paying more attention to herself. The breasts develop and you start worrying about the attention she is getting.

You realize that you have to start TALKING!  But  WhatHowWhen?
You become clueless and then turn to God and start praying He should put the right words in your mouth.

She starts asking questions about her body and boys and RELATIONSHIPS. You start thinking and want to figure out how to start the conversation. You ask yourself what is too detailed or what is not enough (that is, how and where to draw the line).

I hope I am communicating? You now know is either you speak out or “forever remain silent”.
I must tell you that you are not alone. I would tell you what actually worked and is working for me.

Being Comfortable
You should try to be comfortable with yourself and honestly, I did pray a lot about it before now. Make yourself comfortable and then her.

Pick the Right Time
It could be when you are having a conversation about school, her friends or hobbies. When cooking in the kitchen or watching T.V. A time, you are both relaxed.

Be Connected
There must be that connection between you. I mean that mother-daughter bond. This is made possible by listening to her, all the time, and encouragement in every aspect. You must have such a bond that she tells you everything. She is OPEN to you. She should be able to trust you and your judgment.

Observe and educate
“Teach a child the way she should grow and when she grows up she will never depart from it.” Learn to observe closely her actions and activities and use them to educate her as experience is not always the best teacher in this case.

Pray in advance. It doesn’t stop that awkward feeling and anxiety, but it does help to give a smooth sail. Your experience may be different. You must also point your child to God as “He is the Way, the Truth and the Light.”

“Where no counsel is, the people fail, but in the multitude of counselors there is safety –Prov 11:14 “
“Many receive advice, only the wise profit from it –Pubilius Syrus”

Talk to  you later and thanks for your time.

 Linda Aliogo

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