Sunday 26 April 2015

The BeadStyle Magazine Competition 2015: ROYALTY Won!

If you still recall, my piece was put up for a in BeadStyle Magazine late last year. The competition involved voting daily for two good weeks! What a time! Being our very first competition, the feeling was intense and real!

I bet you said you never heard from me again about it right? Like what happened to ROYALTY (the piece for the competition).?  Who won the competition? Blah, blah, blah...

Well, we won! Our piece ROYALTY won out of over 370 competitors from all over the world! It was an amazing feeling when I got the email form them! I mean I was ecstatic! Who wouldn't anyway. I had to be silent about it when I got the email last year because that was one of the rules.

So, we won, and it feels good! Our ROYALTY piece is now featured in the May Edition of BeadStyle Magazine! So grateful!

Why and how did I pick this piece for the competition?
This set was picked amongst others for the competition by my baby (though she's seven years old) and I. We just felt its the right one and went ahead to get a name for it. It's wearable! It's a simple, classy, timeless and beautiful jewelry that would appeal to any woman from any work of life! It's a set that exudes richness and spectacle as the name implies!However, this doesn't mean you have to break the bank but rather, you would actually have a feel of royalty when it's adorned. So I suggested Royalty and she said "Yes mummy, that sounds and feels right for it" Just like that, the name was adopted.  ROYALTY is a set that every woman would love to have in her collection.....that's wearable!

We want to use this medium to thank ALL those who supported and voted for us. THANK YOU very much and may God richly celebrate you at HIS time!

I present to you the winning piece of 2015 BeadStyle Magazine Visit Your Local Bead ShopContest!

Thanks again to all who supported us! CHEERS to more fulfilling opportunities!

Linda Aliogo

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