Sunday 16 September 2012

Labels And Names In Jewelry

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Any time you are picking your jewelry, it is necessary to check out the labels. These labels tell you more about the jewelry. Some of them have numbers written on them like that of karat-gold. The numbers in karat-gold could be 9, 10,14, 18 or 24 as each number tells about the amount of gold in the jewelry. The higher the number, the more gold you have in the jewelry.

This is similar with silver jewelries as the labels or names attached to these jewelries mean different things. Some labels could read silver plated, fine silver or sterling silver.. Each of these names mean different things. Sterling silver is almost pure silver as the content of  sterling silver is over 90% ( precisely 92.7%).  Pure silver is also called fine silver while silver plated has very little or thin layer of sterling silver just coated on another metal.

The labels give you an idea of how long the jewelry can be worn before any form of tarnish becomes noticeable for those that have such characteristics.It also helps to know how to wear and care for them in order to get the best out of them. The labels also informs you of their value, as some can be sold after use. In other words, they have second-hand value.

So any time you go shopping for your jewelries, remember to read the labels, ask questions and get informed before purchase.


"Let's not be too particular. It is better to have old second hand diamonds than none at all"- Mark Twain
                                                  Linda Aliogo


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