Saturday 30 June 2012

20 Great Jewelries Tips For You

In other to use your jewelries for a long time, getting the real value for your money, I decided to share these tips with you. These tips would help you to wear your favourite pieces for a long time and help you to maintain them. They would also show you how to complement your outfit with your jewelry to make statement. Here they are:
Coating a layer of clear-coloured nail polish on your jewelry would act as a protective barrier and help to keep it from tarnishing fast.
Always clean your earrings, nose rings and belly rings (old and new) with alcohol swabs. This is to kill any bacteria that maybe present due to usage overtime.
To slow down tarnishing especially in silver/gold plated jewelries, always wrap them in tissue and put in an airtight, resealable plastic packs. This prevents air from going in
To update the look of any old piece of jewelry, add or layer it would new and more modern ones.
 Never wear your jewelry while swimming, in the spa, in the steamer or sauna as some of these may contain harsh chemicals like chlorine that can damage the gemstones in your jewelry. In some case, the metals that make up the jewelry.
To know jewelry is real sterling silver, put a magnet close to it… real sterling silver will never attract a magnet. Another way of knowing is the mark of .925 sterling on the jewelry, if there is no marking, it may not be the real thing.
Always keep your beaded chains and jewelries flat. This actually helps to prevent the jewelries from tangling.
Before picking a piece of jewelry to wear, always think ahead on how it would project your look. Do you want your jewelry to be the centre of attraction or understated like complementary?
A jewelry set is always a perfect gift for any occasion. Buying a set of jewelry can get you a deal many times. You can divide up the set into individual pieces and give them out one piece at time. With this, you would always have present ready in advance for loved ones.
Neutral coloured stones in your jewelry would work well with any outfit you choose to wear. This would help you to wear your jewelry in diverse situation and occasion.
 Apply your perfume, makeup, lotions etc before putting on your jewelry. This would prevent it from getting smeared and reducing the brilliance. The chemicals in these products will eventually cause it to erode and eventually get damaged.
Place a plug in the skin drain FIRST before cleaning your jewelry. Any jewelry covered in soap can easily slip off from your fingers and into the sink! If the sink drain is uncovered, you know exactly what would happen! Your guess is as good as mine.
 Store your jewelries in a dry and clean place.
Tangled necklace? This is what you do. Put your tangled piece in a plastic wrap and add some baby oil. This would make it possible to untangle now with a needle or pin after which, you clean with liquid soap and pat dry.
 For bridal jewelries, pearls and authentic swarovski crystals are recommended with sterling silver and 14k gold-filled materials. This ensures continuous usage of your wedding jewelries long after the event.
Clean your copper jewelry in a quick rinse of some lemon juice would keep it bright, shiny and would restore its original look.
Over sized or large pieces should only be worn with clean, simple outfit. Also, solid colours help to bring attention to a fabulous item of jewelry.
If you wear multiple rings, you should take care of your hands. Regular manicure can go a long way in complementing and bringing out the best in your jewelry
An unexpected present is a great way to renew your romance. For a gift that is as unique as its recipient, look for handcrafted or customized pieces packaged with stylish pouches.
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Enjoy your tips and feel free to share yours too!

“I have tons of jewelry, I like to wear a lot of it"- Amber Tamblyn

                                            Linda Aliogo

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