Thursday 29 December 2011

How It All Began...

I have been creating and designing jewelries since 2007. I make this jewelries simply because I enjoy what I do. I fall in love  every time I finish a particular earring, bracelet, necklace or ring! Its simply amazing when you finish a piece of jewelry and really get to look at it! It makes my day as I keep changing its position on the stand,just to view it from different angles. I call it passion. I get excited all over again when a new piece is created!


My 'journey' into jewelry making took 12years. This is simply because I wanted to own my 
business,but most importantly do what I have a passion for. Something that would not look 
like 'work' to me. Something fulfilling. I must tell you all, it wasn't easy discovering this! Hubby had suggestions but it just didn't feel right. His suggestions didn't work for me.I knew I wanted to work from home( have 5 children). I also wanted something I had a passion for.So how did I discover this?

I was watching a t.v programm on how to make your own jewelry and it clicked... got it!! I knew instantly this was what I wanted to do. In order to convince myself I was on the right path, I challenged myself into drawing about 40 designs. I exceeded that number. This was when I knew I was hooked for good. I went ahead to attend  a class and get my tools. Hubby was supportive so also family members and friends.

Today, I have a website and a blog where I discuss issues about family, relationship etc . I'm also on facebook. I wouldn't say I have achieved much because there is always room for growth and improvement. I still struggle with some techniques,still discovering and learning new things however its the love that keeps the fire 'burning' if you know what I mean.Challenging? Yes,  but no regrets.

Complements of the Season!

Linda Aliogo

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