Monday 16 May 2011

Gemstones and Personalities

In the world, we do have different ethnicity, colours, beliefs and personalities. As you very well know, people are made up of different characters hence the way they want to be addressed or identified. Like people, there are various types of gemstone scattered across the globe. These come in various colours, sizes and shapes. Gemstones are identified and valued based on the values and qualities they posses.  I believe this is also true with people which help to understand their personalities.

Ruby is associated with strength and physical energy. This is obviously due to its color which is red. Strength could mean strong character or fame depending on the context it’s used. Those who want to hold political or top administrative positions should look closely and adorn themselves in this stone as these qualities are necessary for their success. Now, are people with these personalities attracted to this gemstone?

Opal is a multi coloured stone. Opal is for those who know how to express themselves and communicate effectively. This gemstone is associated with love and great achievement. Ideal for the confident and those who know what they want.

This gemstone does not come cheap as it is the most valued and expensive gemstone. Diamond is associated with success, luxury and exclusivity. These qualities are reflected in people who are rich and successful in their various endeavours. Riches come in various ways; some people can see it as monetary, outstanding character, fulfillment in their careers or businesses. Whichever way you see it, like diamond, it must be enduring and would have gone through a lot of processes that revealed its beauty and brilliance.
Being one of the four most precious gemstone (which includes, diamond, ruby and emerald). 

Sapphire is one of the most exclusive gemstones. The qualities are associated with this stone include youthfulness, vigour and even envy. Others are sincerity, consistency and reliability. It comes in various colours namely pink, lavender and green.

Emerald is a gemstone known for its beauty. Emerald is also associated with reliability. Hence it is a stone that is characterized with having a very strong bond and connection as well as undiluted or undying love which are reflected in certain people.

The similarities in these gemstones and people can be seen in their individual uniqueness. People are associated with different qualities like these gemstones. This means that there are gemstones that actually match people’s personalities. It is just left for you to find out which one(s) of them suit your personality. This makes the real you.
Thanks for your time.

                                                             Linda Aliogo

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